You’ll never guess what’s the hottest thing in the Olympics…Part 1

Olympians have some of the best athletic genes in the world, and they can break human records without experimental modification.

Every sports star who debuted at the Olympics will never forget the surprise of first stepping into the Olympic Village. “It’s like going to the first bar mitzvah dance, you’re nervous and excited at the same time. Everyone starts talking enthusiastically, like long-lost siblings. Then, everyone starts to figure out how to bring back the person they like. s room.”

A group of the strongest boys and girls in the world met under the same roof in a foreign country. In the dead of night, the sense of honor and the burst of hormones are like a fireworks show. It is inevitable to make love and do things together under the same love. The most important thing is that they have to celebrate the victory and appease the loss.

Although the 450,000 condoms provided by the Rio Olympic Games have become a joke in the streets around the world, they are indeed just needed in this enthusiastic country. After all, wearing a condom is a kind of etiquette to unite life, and the rubber elf has become a witness to the “sports spirit of mankind”. “Indispensable part.

Since the 1988 Seoul Olympics, it seems that the Olympic Organizing Committee distributes condoms, and it has reached a blowout in the Rio Olympics.

1988 Seoul Olympics, a pioneer-- 8,500 pieces

South Korea won the right to host the Seoul Olympics in 1982. In fact, at that time, hosting the Olympic Games was a loss-making business, and only Japan’s Nagoya and Seoul participated in the bid. However, because Japanese nationals were very opposed to holding such a thankless event on their own land, Seoul easily became the host city. The Korean Olympic Organizing Committee provided an unprecedented service of “free condom distribution” to combat the spread of AIDS, becoming the first Olympic Games to distribute condoms.

The “Time” magazine of that year also gave evidence to South Korea’s “AIDS fear” at that time. According to “Time”, when the South Korean government was preparing for the Olympics, it proposed to conduct mandatory HIV testing for every foreigner (including but not limited to athletes) entering South Korea. Although it later became “on-demand testing”, this concern is not unexpected for a nation that has just undergone a major blood change.

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The mere 8,500 condoms were apparently stretched thin, and according to the book “The Secret Olympian” by former British Olympian Anon, people were on the roof of the house where the British delegation was staying the night after the swimming competition. A large number of used condoms were found on the balcony, and the British Olympic Association immediately issued regulations prohibiting applause for love outside. The condom rationing of almost one person obviously underestimates the physical fitness of athletes, and nothing can suppress their love.

The 1992 Albertville Winter Olympics where condoms were packaged for sale-- 30,000

Four years later, at the Olympic Games, the distribution of condoms has directly increased by 3.5 times, reaching 30,000. The New York Times on February 5 of that year stated, “People packaged them in a three-pack, and most of them were distributed to athletes, while the rest were sold for less than $2 per condom. to others in the Olympic Village.”

Barcelona Olympics in short supply-- 90,000

In fact, the people of Barcelona had bid for the right to host the 1924 Olympic Games a long time ago, but they were snatched by the French. The bid for the 1936 Olympics was snatched by the Germans. The hosting right in 1940 was snatched by the Japanese again. This time, the bid was finally successful, and the Barcelona Olympic Organizing Committee could be regarded as proud. After finally being a host, how can you neglect the guests who come from afar? To borrow the statement of the Associated Press on August 4 of that year, “the 16-day Olympic Games are only halfway past, and these 90,000 sets of condoms prepared in advance have been received almost.”

British table tennis player Matthew Seid wrote his own experience in a column for The Times, “I have experienced more intimacy at the Barcelona Olympics than in the previous 21 years combined, so every time someone asks me When it comes to saying whether the Olympic Village is a paradise on earth, I will always tell the other party that it is too right.”

1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics-- 40,000

Throughout the history of the Olympic Games, this Winter Olympics has a milestone significance: the International Olympic Committee has decided that starting from this year, the Winter Olympics and the Summer Olympics will not be held in the same Olympic year, but two years apart. Although there are many gaps in the number of condoms distributed, winter is a cold season after all. Norwegians are not kind enough, but consider the impact of the season on human lust.

1998 Nagano Winter Olympics-- 36,000

The Japanese believe in an ancient Greek saying that having sex before a competition can have a negative impact on competition results. 36,000 condoms are too much, not too much, this is very Japanese.

Midway replenishment of the Sydney Olympics-- 90,000

In fact, before the competition, the people of Sydney only prepared 70,000 condoms for these Olympic athletes, and they never thought they would be all out in just one week. The hospitable Sydneysiders immediately added another 20,000 to the supplier, filling the gap with humane care. This is not over yet. The Sydney Olympic Organizing Committee made a public apology to the heroes living in the Olympic Village three days before the closing of the Olympic Games. Sorry for our poor hospitality.

“The next morning, new condoms were placed behind the free distribution point. I assure God that female athletes from a 4×100-meter relay team from a certain Nordic country filed out of that room, followed of course by the track and field in our country. Players.” We can get a sense of the pomp and circumstance in Sydney from the words of the former American UFO shooter.

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