You can never imagine what humans do with semen

Sperm is very important to human beings. Like eggs, it is necessary for reproduction. At the same time, some imaginative people or groups always feel that semen can do something else.

1.In the January 2019 issue of Volume 112 of the Irish Medical Journal, a medical case is mentioned of a 33-year-old man who tried to treat a back strain caused by an intravenous injection of his semen. of pain. However, this unauthorized treatment continued for 18 months, and his condition did not seem to be relieved at all. Ultimately, the man had to seek medical attention.

During the examination, the man repeatedly complained that he lifted a heavy object three days ago, which caused severe back pain. However, the doctor’s attention had already shifted to the redness and swelling on his right arm, and then the man had to admit that he had purchased a hypodermic injection device on the Internet to inject himself with semen.

Due to the man’s poor injection skills, the semen was not completely injected into the vein, and some of it entered the soft tissue. X-rays showed that the man’s subcutaneous soft tissue was edema, accompanied by air bubbles, and suffered from cellulitis. The situation is not very good.

Doctors ordered him to be hospitalized immediately with intravenous antibiotics. Fortunately, after a few days, the man’s back pain improved and he was discharged from the hospital.

However, the guy didn’t explain why he did it, and the doctors searched the medical literature and found no studies that semen can treat back pain.

2.Sperm has become a tradable commodity in Zimbabwe. Some religious enthusiasts use semen to make spells or potions (a natural substance in Africa, including human body parts), and the locals believe that semen will bring them luck. Therefore, sperm is very precious, and at the same time, it has also spawned some “sperm” trafficking groups.

In Port Elizabeth, South Africa, the police received a report from a man. At about 8 o’clock that night, the man encountered three women driving to ask him for directions on the road. Just when he kindly gave them directions, they pulled out the gun and took him to the back seat.

After getting into the car, the three women began to manipulate him, intending to rape him. Seeing that there was no physiological reaction, they forcibly poured aphrodisiac into his mouth. When it was over, they collected the man’s semen and put it in a plastic bag and put it in a cooler. He left him at random beside a deserted path.

During the whole process, the man was awake and his body was fine, but his spirit was severely traumatized.

Police said this is not the first case of rape and sperm retrieval. For example, a 39-year-old teacher suffered the same thing while waiting for a bus stop at several stations in Zimbabwe. He was kidnapped by three women, drugged and sexually assaulted, and obtained his semen. The man suffered serious injuries in several parts of his body, including his genitals.

“In the past, gangs of semen robbers have also been arrested, and dozens of condoms full of semen were found in their cars, all of which were to be sold for money.”

3.In many countries in the world, sperm banking has become a popular choice in contemporary life, solving major life problems for many unmarried women who want to have children.

For example, the Genetics & IVF Institute in Fairfax, Virginia, but this “bank” is very demanding and will conduct a full range of genetic and infectious disease tests on donors, such as molecular genetic technology PCR, chromosome analysis … Secondly, you must be a university graduate, preferably a doctor, lawyer, finance, etc. In addition, in order to improve the conception rate, the number of motile sperm per milliliter of semen must not be less than 20 million…

Simply put, the conditions are so strict that more than 90 percent of subjects will not pass. Therefore, many private sperm banks also use the banner of “banks” to recruit volunteers everywhere, similar to an underground sperm donation organization and private bank in the United States.

4.If everyone focused on science and rationality, life might become much more boring, these absurd events would not happen, and there would be no use for whimsy. But under the urging of imagination, rumor making and art or sorcery will all be around you.

The first paragraph “Giant Sperm” in American director Adam Green’s “Scream Movie” tells the story of a young bachelor who uses a new drug that can make sperm strong, causing his sperm to grow into a huge monster like a building. Destruction in the city.

On the one hand, the director pays tribute to the geniuses of film predecessors such as Wells, and imitates the B-level movies that were ravaged by the midnight movie monsters in Hollywood in the 1940s and 1950s.

5.Maybe human beings will not stop exploring and imagining things about sex, which is a human talent.

However, with the advancement and development of science and technology, those absurd, wrong, and backward concepts are gradually eliminated, and we gradually turn our dreams into reality, and produce interesting, scientific, and artistic things that will become the appearance of future life.

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