Would you like to be a sex toy reviewer?

I am a sex toy assessor and a part-time gender health consultant. Of course, the reverse is also possible.

I seldom talk about my right career to others, but I don’t feel ashamed, but I’m just afraid of being repeatedly asked: Is your industry very chaotic? Do you have a bigger “appetite”?

Came into this profession purely by accident.

I was born in an ordinary working family. My parents, grandfather, and grandmother are all workers. The whole family is very conservative. When I had my period for the first time, my mother threw the sanitary napkin into the toilet and said: Don’t yell, let your dad hear it and be ashamed.

I’m almost graduating from high school, and I still blush when I touch a boy’s hand. As for hugging and kissing, I don’t even dare to think about it. My mind is full of my mother’s words: “You’re young, don’t you be ashamed?”

It is said that men are lustful, but women are also lustful.

I remember when I was in college, there were almost no taboos in our dormitory night talk. At that time, there were girls who had sexual experience, and they would share their feelings generously. For example, boys would unconsciously stretch their hands to their chest and buttocks when kissing. The “virgin” in the TV series did not happen to them, and they would feel pain for the first time. , but it will get better after running in, you can feel the fit of each other’s bodies and so on.

I lay on the bed and listened, I didn’t dare to breathe, but my body was about to move.

Food color, sex also. No one can stop a girl from being curious about her body, so I gathered up the courage to buy the same props in the movie. Vibrating eggs, pink, the vibration frequency can be controlled through the mobile phone.

Everything is possible. Before placing an order, I carefully consulted the store, what is the difference between the models. The store recommends the smallest model according to my situation. I was still very hesitant, and double-checked whether the packaging would be exposed, and whether it would be seen when I received the express. After all, the school’s collective courier point, students from the entire department come and go, and I’m also afraid of being discovered.

After repeated reassurances by the store and the patience of the customer service, I finally paid the bill. In the days when I was waiting for the delivery, I was both anxious and excited, as if I was waiting for an online lover to show up, and when I received the package, I was like a mouse out of a hole, for fear that acquaintances would bump into it, or someone could see the stuff inside through the box. Son. Fortunately, the appearance of the express delivery is exactly as the store said, and it is absolutely private.

On the first weekend of receiving the express, I opened the box when no one in the dormitory was there.

It is a small oval shape, less than half of the palm of your hand. The silicone on the surface is very soft. If you poke it with your fingers, the inside is hard. It should be the motor. I tiptoed out of bed, rinsed it off with cold water, then climbed into bed, huddled under the covers. Turn on the switch, and the numb sizzling sound is like the crispy sound of bread in the oven. Afraid of being heard, I quickly turned it off, took apart the included lubricant and smeared it on my lower body, put the vibrating egg into my body little by little, and turned on the control terminal of my mobile phone. Body and mind are satisfied, something is broken and filled. The moment it was swallowed by me, I felt like a real woman, and I made a sexual choice.

Excited, I wrote a 300-word anonymous essay to the seller after using it, expressing my love in the evaluation.

Four days later, the seller suddenly knocked on me privately, saying that they can provide me with various props for free, as long as I am willing to continue to write reviews seriously, and each qualified review will be paid $18.

Although I am very happy, I am still a little wary and ask, do I need to provide pictures or something?

The store said, no need, as long as the text feels, but it must be true.

I was poor, and seeing the money opened my eyes and felt that there was no security problem, so I agreed.

If we actively suppress even our own physical pleasures, how can we obtain pure and enthusiastic happiness in life?

With a magnanimous and curious heart, I began to understand Japanese sexual culture, and I also read a lot of experience posts by some people who are sexually open on the Internet.

A week later, I picked up a few other props in the store based on my personal preferences: two candles, a banana-shaped masturbation stick, and a pair of nipple clips with pink bells in the front. I started to experience the fun in a dormitory where no one was there, wrote down my experience and sent it to the seller, and the seller also paid the salary as promised.

My journey as a sex toy experiencer officially started from now on.

I asked her once, why do I need to write these reviews?

She told me that because my first article was candid, very few people can enjoy sex toys enthusiastically and purely. She also wants to write the real feelings of customers in the product introduction, rather than the same cold introduction. When she was studying abroad, she saw old ladies walking hand in hand in a sex toy store, and they could talk clearly about “sex” happiness with their girlfriends, while the Chinese were still in the stage of sexual shame. “There are not many happy things in life, and this one is easy to get,” she said. “I just want everyone to be more honest about being happy.”

Seeing her reply, I thought, ugh, a philosopher.

At work, I found that most of the people who buy sex toys are men, and they will choose products at medium and high-end prices. Women are often more careful than men. Men are used to placing orders directly. Women will ask some basic questions, such as whether the props are really waterproof, whether the sound will be loud, and whether it will affect the quality of sex life between them and their partners. ,and many more.

It’s not sex that is shameful, it’s us who find it shameful.

Fortunately, more and more people are no longer “talking about sexual discoloration”. According to an e-commerce big data, the sales of adult products in China continue to increase, and by 2020, the industry market size will exceed 8 billion US dollars. Although the main purchasing power is still male, accounting for 69% of the total consumer group, and the turnover reaches 72%, the data will definitely change with the awakening of women’s independent consciousness and the gradual opening of sexual concepts.

I found that the girls who come to our store for consultation tend to be younger. They dare to speak out about their sexual needs and are willing to pay for their own happiness. There are even little girls who ask to pack the product into a gift box, saying that it is her Valentine’s day gift for boyfriend.

Customers also ask me all sorts of questions: “I’m not in a relationship, and I like to masturbate, so am I still a virgin?” “I’m not happy with my lover’s needs, can I just ask?” “My husband said , I don’t like sex, is it my problem or his?” “My daughter was sexually assaulted, should I report it to the police? What will my daughter do in the future after calling the police?” “Should I remind me if I caught my child masturbating?”

While I continue to improve the use report of the product, I will also ask each customer for feedback on the use experience just like Dongdong did at the beginning. Some people will simply ignore it, some people will scold, and some people will never hear back after agreeing.

However, there are still people who, like me, carefully record their experience. They explore their bodies and are honest about their desires and pleasures. I carefully collect their feelings and organize them into data and articles for future reference.

On the road that everyone must go through, we have too many doubts to be popularized and answered.

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  1. I’m 38 and at my sexual prime I’ve been using sex toys my whole life, and I continue to use them for the rest of it. I’m going to pretty much any and every toy that they make always open for new things. I leave good honest reviews that help people out

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