Would it be more comfortable to have sex while standing

I wonder if the little friends will develop some new movements when they have sex? What does it feel like to have sex while standing?

Recently, I saw such a post on the Internet. The owner of the post “narrated” a very special experience of her. In her words: “Don’t ask, it hurts to ask.”

“That’s right, although I say “there are countless reading men”, but I don’t feel anything other than pain while having sex while standing.”

01 "Standing" is a popular action nowadays?

Nowadays, the public is paying more and more attention to the skills of sex, and the public gradually realizes that changing a little “action” can increase the fun of intercourse. But among the many optional “actions”, some are more complicated and difficult to learn, and the effect is not necessarily so good.

There are many movements in daily sex, the more “common” is face-to-face, and some friends who like “early adopters” may consider using this action.

I don’t know how many friends “feel” this feeling?

But actually having sex while standing up just sounds okay, and when it’s actually “executed”, you’ll know how unreliable it is.

Popularity is only popular, but it is only a gust of wind. Once you have truly experienced it, you will no longer be “curious”.

02 Standing, thankless?

“Standing” usually means “standing and popping” without the aid of an object such as a chair, table, etc. “Standing” can be face-to-face, or it can be a boy standing behind a girl (everyone has to use their own brains).

The more standard posture is: the boy “stands” holding the waist of the girl, and stands with the waist of the girl; the girl’s feet are around the waist of the boy, and the hands are wrapped around the neck of the boy.

It sounds easy, but in fact it is a physical activity that requires boys to have enough arm strength. You can pick up the girl and stand for ten minutes, and you can also perform the “pop” action.

It’s not that I look down on everyone here, but that not many people can stick to this set of moves.

Another point to note is that this “posture” is the most accident-prone. The more common ones are bumps, slips, injuries, breaks, etc.

So when you want to use this action, you need to take protective measures in advance.

03 Excessive pursuit of "posture" will hurt the body

I believe that everyone can see these cases from time to time. A couple tried the “stand and pop” action in the bathroom (room), but one accidentally slipped and went to the hospital to lie down for 3 months.

Therefore, you must pay attention to safety protection when trying to “stand and pop”. It is best not to choose to “pop” in a wet place, because if you stand barefoot, it is easy to have an accident and cause “injury” to your body.

In addition to choosing a “suitable” place, two people need to be close in height to have a “good” performance. Therefore, before “standing and popping”, it is recommended to be optimistic about the place where the height is increased to avoid embarrassment caused by the mismatch of “height”.

Finally, I would like to say, don’t over-indulge in the pursuit of “freshness”. Ordinary “postures” can also enjoy the fun of “double sports”. If there is an accident when the action is appropriate, why bother?

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