“Women’s Sexual Motivation” Part 1: How to Touch a Women’s Heart

The No. 1 trait that women are sexually attracted to: Pheromones emitted by men can also arouse women’s sexual desire. The second characteristic: the inverted triangle body. The third feature: the soul-stirring voice. Fourth characteristic: personable movements. The fifth characteristic: a character can be sexy.

The No. 1 Trait That Women Are Sexually Attracted To: Taste

1. MHC: Taste is a trump card to capture a woman's heart

When a woman chooses a lover, the most important thing is what she smells, not what she sees (the second most important element).

Smell is the trump card that captures a woman’s heart. Fresh and pleasant can dump women, bad smell can only frighten women.

MHC, which contains genes responsible for the body’s immune function: Women who have sex with mates with different MHC genomes can benefit in two ways. First, the MHC genomes are different, suggesting that the genes are also different overall. So for females, males with different MHC genomes are more attractive, thus avoiding inbreeding. The consequences of consanguineous marriage are unimaginable, and the children born generally have severe congenital disabilities such as mental retardation. Second, couples with complementary MHC genomes have children that are strong, healthy, and immune to disease.

Women are deeply attracted to the taste of men and have deep evolutionary roots. Symmetry of the human body is difficult to judge at a glance, but women can judge by smell. There are hundreds of genetic variants in the human body, but the exact number varies from person to person. In short, the more mutated genes, the more asymmetrical the body. The second is environmental factors. In the process of growth and development, some people may be infirm or injured and disabled, resulting in deformation of the body or face. In a nutshell, symmetry is a sign of physical health, indicating a lower “mutation load”, fewer injuries, or better recovery from illness. As a result, the body odor of well-shaped men is the most sought-after, while the body odor of men who are less well-proportioned is disliked.

2. Pheromones: Exude sexy "manly flavor"

Pheromones emitted by men can also arouse the libido of women. Regularly smelling pheromones emitted by men can increase women’s chances of conceiving. Pheromones are glandular secretions in the mouth, armpits, breasts, anus, urinary tract, etc. Regular sex life (at least once a week) can adjust women’s menstrual cycle, increase women’s basal body temperature and increase the probability of conception.

Women who had sex more than twice in 40 days ovulated far more often than women who had sex less often.

Participants who used aftershave with pheromone additives reported more intimacy and sexual intercourse, peach blossoms and romantic encounters.

The faint scent of perfume may cause them a strong emotional shock. But not only that, women can also keenly capture other information, such as the strength of the immune system, the symmetry and asymmetry of body shape and so on. Intentionally or unintentionally, women’s lust is also quietly ignited by the pheromones emitted by men.


The second most sexually attractive trait in women: physical appearance

People naturally think that beautiful people have many advantages, think they are funny, friendly, independent, strong, sexy, sociable, flexible, and successful.

First, the height of the hero

1. The taller and more handsome a man is, the more sexual partners he has.

2. Surveys show that men taller than average usually have more children, proving their fertility is stronger. Whether it’s marriage or love.

Second,Inverted triangle figure, proud of love

1. Women prefer those with wider shoulders and wider body. Upright and stalwart men can bring women a sense of security.

2. There is a body shape that is especially loved by women, that is, the “inverted triangle shape”, that is, the shoulders are wide and the hips are narrow, the arms are thick and the legs are thin. Men with narrow waists and well-developed pectorals (but not bulky ones) fascinate women the most.

3. A man’s handsome and sculpted face represents that he has good physical fitness, the ability to control others, and a strong ability to protect. This also strongly explains why women love three-dimensional (but not too exaggerated) facial features.

The third trait women are sexually attracted to is a soul-stirring voice

1. The low and magnetic voice of men always makes women tremble.

2. Men with a magnetic voice are particularly attractive to women who are in the ovulation period, that is, the conception period.

3. Female frogs choose lovers according to whether the male frogs call loudly. Because the call is a very reliable signal, the physical condition of the male frog can be accurately determined, and the loud call indicates that the male frog is strong and large.

4. Men with low voic

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