Women also have sperm on their brains, but why don’t women say it?

01 A woman's libido is quiet

The social and cultural tolerance of men browsing erotic websites and exchanging sexual fantasies and experiences has made men’s sexual desires a very dominant thing. They have known since childhood that women’s bodies have their longings and longings, the promised land flowing with milk and honey to which they will walk through the iron shoes.

But what they don’t know is that women’s hearts also have desires tumbling. A man’s body is also an ark that a woman longs to land on when her lust hits the sea. In fact, not only men do not know women’s desires, in fact, as strong as men’s desires. A woman herself can’t believe that she can have such a strong desire. They are used to suppressing their desires and hiding their desires.

But the body is honest. Those dark nights with no one, the front of the clothes without light, the dampness between the legs like a flood, and the numbness like tassel flapping, and the throbbing like the breeze, like mosquito bites, like ants gnawing. Blood pressure, blood flow, pulse are all soaring, breath, muscles, pores are full of longing, longing for fulfillment.

That’s a woman’s sexuality. It can behave quietly.

02 A woman's libido is as ferocious as an animal's

Daniel Bergner, a writer for the New York Times, collected various methods of mobilizing female sexual desire in ancient and modern times, and various experiments on female desire research; discussed various forms of female orgasm; recorded more than ten Ordinary woman’s personal account of her sex life and fantasies, and wrote a best-selling book: What Women Really Want. The conclusion is that women’s desires are essentially the same as men’s. Women’s libido is no weaker than men’s. A woman’s sex doesn’t have to be based on love. Women’s body modification also didn’t determine women’s suitability for fidelity. Both polygamy and polyandry may be the possibility of human construction of society. Emotional connection and long-term intimacy or security are not necessarily the foundation of a woman’s high sexual desire. If not marriage and children, women need sex too.

Like men, women’s bodies can be lonely, thirsty, and spermatozoa. When the desire is high, the head is full of light visions. It’s like when you’re hungry and want to eat like crazy, when you’re thirsty, you can’t concentrate on anything other than sensuality. A woman’s sexuality is fundamentally the same as that of an animal, no different from a man’s. Show straight women sexy men, hard cocks, and their mouths might say “what’s so good about that” or “it’s not attractive to me”. But if you use an MRI scanner to test their vaginal blood pressure flow and pulse at the moment. Everything is revealed. Sexual arousal in a woman’s vagina is an isomorphic mirror image of that in a man’s penis. Indistinguishable.


On Google, the biggest complaint people have about marriage is not having sex. The search volume for “sexless marriage” was 3.5 times that of “unhappy marriage” and eight times that of “loveless marriage.” Married people complained about their spouse’s reluctance to have sex 16 times more than they complained about their partner’s reluctance to talk. Complaining about unmarried partners not wanting to have sex is 5.5 times more likely than complaining about not answering text messages.

However, there are far more searches for complaints about boyfriends “not wanting to have sex” than for “girlfriends” who don’t want to have sex. Complaining that the “husband” doesn’t want to have sex is as frequent as complaining that the “wife” doesn’t want to have sex.

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