Woman, always stupid

Women are always stupid and stupid.

Love obsessively, love madly, love desperately, love to pieces,

However, verbally still reserved,

“No, I didn’t fall in love with him!”

“I feel like I don’t love him that much!”

“Actually, I have no feelings for him in my heart.”

“He definitely loves me more than I love him.”

“I still want to be alone.”

I thought of a sentence, “A man makes you think he loves you, but he doesn’t; a woman makes you think she doesn’t love you, but in fact she can’t extricate herself.”

A woman’s love is always deeper than what comes out of her mouth. The love in a man’s mouth can’t be distinguished between true and false, but it is absolutely effective for women, even if it’s just a little bit.

Recently, many sisters have been troubled by love. They have tried to solve them thousands of times, but they have said everything they can say, but they still have no results. Some sisters knew that the other half betrayed her, but they still couldn’t let go, even though they were stabbed with a knife every second in their hearts. In the news, there was another episode of a female college student who was like a flower in her youth. Because her boyfriend broke up with her, she jumped off the building. She really jumped off, leaving a group of relatives crying.

Asking what love is in the world, how many people’s hearts have been hurt, knowing that it is an abyss that is beyond redemption or can’t help jumping down, struggling in pain, sinking in the sea of ​​misery.

I think people should live happily. When you are crazy, let yourself settle for a while; when you are in pain, leave for a while; when you are tangled, let go. The world is very big, there are many, many more besides love, women should not live for men, women should live for themselves. Do what you want to do, cultivate your mind when you have time, go outside more often, meet more different people, broaden your mind, broaden your horizons, broaden your thinking, maybe, suddenly look back, You will find out why you were so stupid, why you were trapped in such a small space, and why you lived for a person.

I said so, but I know that even if a woman who is trapped in it knows it’s wrong, and she knows she shouldn’t be like this, she still can’t get out until she is covered in scars.

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