Why some male or female have exhibitionism?

In the group of exhibitionism, men generally occupy a dominant position, while women only account for a very small number of people. It may be due to the influence of various traditional concepts, as well as physical and psychological influences, the number of female exhibitionists is almost negligible compared with males, but it is real. Maybe, many people don’t understand what is the reason for male and female exhibitionism, why do they have such behaviors –

99% of “exhibitionists” are male, with a male-to-female ratio of 14:1. The proportion of females is very small. Most of them are between the ages of 25 and 35. Women show their breasts or genitals, and only a few show their whole body.

Male “exhibitionists” expose their private parts in order to shake the victim’s heart for sexual pleasure, and at the same time try to convince themselves that they are still masculine, but what are the female exhibitionists doing this for – in fact, Women’s “exhibitionism” is also to show their own beauty, like a peacock opening the screen, to find confidence in this behavior like the male “exhibitionist”; on the other hand, the female “exhibitionist” exposes their private parts as well It is also a way to obtain sexual pleasure. Some expose their breasts or nudes in order to show their female charm and obtain sexual pleasure at the same time.

Most women with “exhibitionism” are mostly sexually repressed or their sexual desires are not satisfied. In theory, women are under the dual pressure of social tradition and social morality in society, and most women will not seek sexual satisfaction directly, especially married or divorced women. Women’s “exhibitionism” also has psychological factors that want to break through the confinement, which is a manifestation of resistance to various restrictions on women in society.

The proportion of female “exhibitionism” is small, and the second is that it is less harmful to society. Few female “exhibitionist” will develop into rapists or other criminal acts like male “exhibitionist”, and rarely will they be punished. Defined as “rogue”. Most women’s “exhibitionism” stems from a short-term psychological imbalance. Female patients with “exhibitionism” should face up to their psychological problems and sexual life problems in order to get out of the “exhibitionist” vicious circle this morning and return to normal. Life.

You should know what is the reason for male and female exhibitionism. Although this kind of behavior does not violate the law, it may affect the lives of the people around you. Therefore, for your own sexual life, in order not to affect the lives of others, once you have the urge to show your body, you still need to restrain yourself.

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