Why should a person have rich interests?

I met a college student.

He often posts some cases and insights in the group, and his words show a particularly positive and studious spirit.

He is a student majoring in garden design. One day, I posted a method to change the sub-health state of my body in the circle of friends. After he saw it, he practiced on time and shared with me his physical feelings during the practice. Before that, many people even Never opened this link.

He is curious, maintains a strong interest in things, and tries new things with an open mind. He will naturally make judgments and accumulate in constant attempts.

In reality, many people are just like the classmates around him, they don’t know what they like, and they never actively change. When I see other people behave differently from my own, I feel unreasonable.

While feeling lost and confused, they refuse to try, so the world in their eyes is only so big, and the world view must be narrow and mediocre.

Extensive interests come from your curiosity, and your experiments and explorations are expanding and filling your world.

On the contrary, if you reject things you don’t understand without trying, you will lose the opportunity to explore and enrich yourself.


I have seen a topic on the Internet, which hobbies have changed your life.

A girl said that she liked to draw five years ago, so she slowly tried pen drawing, watercolor painting, etc., and painted a few pictures a month. Later, she fell in love with photography, skiing, sewing, etc. She tried them all but didn’t stick to it.

Seeing this, you may think that this is the commonality of many people, and they only have three minutes of enthusiasm for things.

But even so, what is commendable is that she dares to listen to her own heart and try, find the connection between them, and find her own starting point.

So it was reversed. She made a thousand-layer cake a year ago, and after being praised by her friends, she has been out of control since then.

Later, she developed a variety of cakes by herself, incorporating special things in various processes such as colors, ingredients, and types;

These features and inspirations come from her previous study of aesthetics and her experience in painting, photography and design.

Making cakes became her major interest at this stage and gradually turned it into a business.

Everyone’s interests are within the scope of their own talents. It is not static. You may not be able to judge whether a thing is your greatest interest in a short time, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you can go slowly Find and dig.

This process is a process of accumulation and experience, and every step will not be taken in vain.

What makes you who you are now is the collection of all your previous interests, passions, thoughts, and actions, and quality thoughts and actions must be based on strong interests.

The so-called thick and thin hair, if she did not have extensive attempts and explorations in aesthetics, painting, photography, etc., her cake development may lack features and inspiration.

It was such a multi-faceted accumulation that gave birth to her inspiration at the right time, and it became her career out of control.

Therefore, when a person is exposed to more things, the greater the probability that he encounters good things, the greater the impact of these good things on him, and the faster he can determine what makes him truly himself.

Those who keep open have countless possibilities in life, and those who refuse to try will never see the long-term. household”

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