Why only boys can masturbate, and girls are ‘disgusting’ when they need it?

The study found that 42% of girls masturbate more than once a week. Today, let’s talk about women’s “masturbation freedom”

A girl told her experience of breaking up with her ex-boyfriend: “Last month, my ex-boyfriend was going on a long business trip, and before he left, he joked with me, saying how hard it was for me to be alone in the bed when he wasn’t here for a few days. Also jokingly replied that I can masturbate. His face changed at that time.

Later, he sent me a message, blaming me for masturbating when I had him, and also said that good girls shouldn’t masturbate, it was disgusting. I pointed out the problem in his thinking, he couldn’t talk to me, and finally broke up.

Why only boys can masturbate, and girls are ‘disgusting’ when they need it? When will they realize that masturbation is not something only ‘bad girls’ can do, but something all girls can do. ” After reading this message, my colleagues and I have a lot of love. Although according to speculation, many women have experienced masturbation today. But it’s not like people can easily talk about male masturbation with common sayings such as “jerk off” and “masturbation” , “female masturbation” is still fraught with misunderstanding and shame.

So we wrote this article to talk about why female masturbation remains marginalized, myths about female masturbation, and mixed attitudes toward it.

Female masturbation,an under-discussed topic Female masturbation refers to the act of a woman stimulating her genitals for sexual pleasure.

There are many ways for women to masturbate, some choose to stimulate the clitoris with fingers or toys, some choose to penetrate the vagina, and some women will orgasm by clamping their legs. So, how many women have ever masturbated? We conducted a small survey on masturbation in the KY fan group and obtained 206 valid questionnaires, of which 26.7% were male and 73.3% were female. 85% of the respondents were between the ages of 18 and 30.

Among male respondents, 94.5% had masturbated; among female respondents, 90.1% had masturbated.

Among the women who have masturbated, only 3% have not masturbated in the past year, while 42.65% of the women have masturbated at least once a week, and some respondents said they would masturbate several times a day.

The survey also found that masturbation during adolescence is not a prerogative of men; 48.5% of female respondents had already experienced masturbation before the age of 15.

But among women, access to information often does not keep pace with behavior. Nearly 70% of women have never heard of female masturbation before masturbating for the first time; and even after experiencing masturbation, 20% of women have never heard of or learned about female masturbation through any channels.

In contrast, male masturbation is a familiar topic, only 1.47% of the female respondents have never heard of or understood male masturbation; in addition, 60% of women have learned about men from friends, classmates and other people around them. Masturbation, and only 20% of women discuss female masturbation with those around them.

A 2002 study also found that female college students discussed sexual issues with their peers more than male college students, except for masturbation (Lefkowitz et al., 2004).

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