Why is there “asexuality”?

Regarding this issue, first of all, there is no unified conclusion in the academic world. After all, it is a new field, and it takes time. Secondly, why is “homosexuality” formed? There is still no unified conclusion in the academic world. Psychology, sociology, psychosociology, and neurology are independent, and the conclusions drawn are slapped and slapped with each other. Hey, I won’t say you don’t know this.


If everyone is entangled in “why does homosexuality form” and “why does asexuality form”, then the focus is wrong!

It doesn’t matter whether he likes men or women, whether he likes men or women, as long as he pays taxes on time, works diligently, obeys traffic lights, honors his parents, and treats his partner well… Anyway, he is a good citizen by obeying the law, Why do we ask him why he likes this and why he doesn’t like that?

It’s as if we won’t struggle: Why does Mount Tai grow like this and Mount Hua like that? They naturally grow into various kinds.

Or give a simple and crude answer:

Our society is becoming ‘asexual’
The word asexuality, I believe, will soon enter our public’s field of vision. Because the phenomenon of “asexuality” has begun to appear in many parts of the world, such as our neighbor, Japan, which is also a Confucian society. There is no need to repeat the problem of Japan’s low birth rate. It has become one of the countries with the lowest birth rate in the world.

From 1974 to 2011, Japanese sexual behaviors were frequently upward, which was related to social openness, economic progress, and the advancement of women’s status. But by 2011, the frequency of sexual activity had plummeted.

According to the survey results released by the Japan Family Planning Association on January 20, 2018, 42% of Japanese men aged 20-29 said they had “no experience of having sex with the opposite sex”. And the latest survey shows that Japanese men are more “asexual” than women.

Note: The degree of openness to sexuality in Japanese society has not changed, but the frequency of sexual behavior has declined.

“Asexuality” in society, should you be worried?
Everyone has their own opinion, my opinion is: don’t worry at all.

In modern civilization, where everyone pays taxes, sex has two main functions: entertainment and reproduction.

What is there to worry about in the entertainment function? What if you don’t have sexual desire? You can still eat delicious food, watch movies, read books, listen to concerts, watch dramas, chase stars, raise cats and dogs, extreme sports…

There is nothing to worry about reproduction. The artificial womb has hatched sheep last year. Don’t say anything unnatural, IVF has helped so many couples who are unable to conceive to get their own children, and how many people have benefited! Artificial womb helps people who don’t want to have sex to reproduce, is there a problem with horses?

If you’re worried that not having sex will make your marriage unstable, I’m really going to hit the blackboard: as society progresses, the social institution of marriage will soon die out. The more advanced the society, the more streamlined the structure of the social unit. In the past, four generations lived together to serve the parents-in-law, but now they have become husband and wife and their children. Future trends will further deepen this streamlining. Of course, it does not mean that there is no marriage at all, but in the future, marriage will gradually withdraw from the mainstream way of life. Of course, the precondition is that the economy and technology continue to develop in a peaceful society.

When our generation is alive, we should see this scene:

Someone said: I want to get married! His (her) parents will jump out: You are still young! You still don’t understand the importance of controlling your own life. When you are a little older, you will know that living with two people is much more difficult than living with one person. Don’t listen to the old people.

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