“Why is love only sexual desire?”

Why does love only have sexual desire? My limited thinking ability can only draw this conclusion: It is not because sexual desire is easy to obtain, but because sexual desire is not easy to obtain, that there are so many, so long, so diverse literary works, film and television works are against Go over and over and over and over again depicting love and sex.

For a person with a normal mind, sexual desire is not easy to obtain, and sex is even more difficult to obtain. It has nothing to do with itself, and it carries a lot of added value on its back. Just like the function of the house is not just for living.

Not to mention the social procedures before sex and the risks behind sex, even if we only discuss the biological level, the body will recognize the body, just like people recognize the bed, just like many machines can only replace the original parts.

Like a puppy recognizing its owner, like a butterfly identifying a sweet flower, like an ant walking back to the ant’s nest, unique symbols mark the object of sexual desire, and some even have exclusiveness, making sex even more difficult.

In fact, spending time discussing love and sex is the most unrealistic behavior, but the most attractive attention is directly reflected in the changes in page views. It can be seen that human beings themselves are full of desire to explore feelings and sex. and desire to acquire.

It is a pity that our education did not teach us how to know ourselves, nor how to know others, and before we knew it, we neither regarded ourselves nor others as people. When people are no longer people, people have become objects and carriers, then what’s the point of talking about love and sexuality? It itself is two kinds of substances that can be linked together only as a high-level human being. Without the consciousness of being a “person”, it is impossible to distinguish the difference between “generating sexual desire” and “generating sexual desire for whom”, let alone ” The difference between venting sexual desire” and “enjoying sexual desire”.

Of course I’ve always believed that sexuality is beautiful. Whether it’s been realized, or what you thought but didn’t realize, or realized what’s gone now, it’s all beautiful. I enjoy this subtle process of sexual desire, whether it is ultimately “satisfied” or not.

A human body can mobilize the body to feel hard, hot and moist just because the brain searches and sorts out some fragmented information of another human body in the cortex and prefrontal lobes. , music, paintings, etc. The process is truly beautiful and mesmerizing every time I think about it.

So “Just know that spring is here and you’re the only one I’m allowed to get into my skirt” is fascinating, “The moon is beautiful tonight” is fascinating, “Soon, I’ll catch you” is fascinating, “Winning that ticket was the best thing that ever happened to me” is fascinating, “you are half of my poem, half of my love, half of my flesh” is fascinating, “there is no way to get rid of this feeling, so I raised my eyebrows , but on the mind “fascinating…  

I was obsessed with these obsessions, obsessed with an obscure concept, a fascination I shuddered at in countless quiet moments that retreated back to my chest.

I can’t say “pure love should only have sexual desire”, nor can I say “love is a high-level emotion of human beings”, I can only accept the reality that I am an animal, and then forgive my brain and go To express my sexuality, to forgive my fearlessness, to bear my stupidity.

Let the scorching sun burn me, let the thunderstorm pour over me, let the magma roll over me, let the dust and earthworms burrow through my rotting bones, let me make atonement for my sexuality, roll down the mountainside down the mountainside, melt in the In the rushing river.

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