Why is it said that travel can test a relationship

Although each other can feel each other’s feelings, but some test methods are still necessary. I heard people say that a long-distance trip can test a couple’s relationship, isn’t it? Why travel can test a couple’s relationship?

1. His ability to solve problems can be found

There is a saying that when you look at a person, you should see what he does in difficult times, not how he is in good times. When traveling, there will be various problems, such as getting lost, booking tickets, the plane is delayed, you are not feeling well, etc., see his reaction when these situations occur, and see if he can resolve these problems.

2. Be able to find differences in each other's preferences

I want to see the sea, you want to climb the mountain, then who of us will give in? Is it the way to make you happy this time and make me happy next time? Or should everyone take a step back and choose a grassland that is acceptable to both sides? Or simply separate, I look at my sea, you climb your mountain? If the other party can always deal with you, it means that he is willing to love Wujiwu. If he always chooses the place he likes and completely ignores your feelings, then this kind of man doesn’t matter.

3. Life is like a journey

Life is like a journey. Everything you encounter on the journey is an insinuation of your future life. At this time, the performance and attitude of the other party will be decided later. If two people participated in every planning link before the trip, then the family should basically be in a state of negotiating every detail in the future;

If before the trip, two people have their own division of labor, you are responsible for the first half of the trip, and I am responsible for the second half, or you are responsible for planning the scenic route, and I am responsible for booking air tickets and hotels, then the family is likely to have a clear division of labor in the future.

4. See if you are comfortable with him

When you spend a few days alone with a person, you can test whether he is suitable for you from whether he is comfortable. During the journey, you can see if he cares about you, if he is bored with your behavior, if his favorability drops, all of which can test whether he is right for you.

5. How to deal with conflicts

Everyone has different views on things, and there will be many contradictions and differences during the travel process, such as the two people want to go to different places, the taste of food, the problem of sleeping habits, and so on. No couple does not quarrel. When disagreements arise, how you solve the problem, what his attitude is in it, and what role he plays will all recur in your future life. Consider whether you like the way he handles disagreements.

To be clear, a long journey does test a man, but it’s not the only way. As long as you can get to know him better during the journey and truly accept him as such, travel is also a way to promote feelings.

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