Why is art related to sex

Witchcraft is recorded in some books, in the time of primitive human tribes and some remote primitive tribes are still using witchcraft, and the language component of painting in witchcraft is also the predecessor of art.

Of course, we cannot say that witchcraft is art completely, because witchcraft is also mixed with religion and superstition, but it can be called the seed of art. I don’t think anyone would object to this.

To this day, art still hides an element of witchcraft. In the process of witchcraft, to a large extent there are hints and worship of sex. I won’t go into detail about the specific example, you can check it online.

Worship In addition, from ancient times to the present, people have the mentality of worship. Because of the worship of something and someone, its beauty will be proclaimed. And art is the best way to do it.

So far, such worship is still very popular, of course, in the new era, the content of beauty in the new era has also been added. For example, the emotional venting and worship of a certain class, such as many paintings of farmers, farms, coal diggers, etc., are also full of worship of strength and life.

If the concept of worship is diffused, the current artwork still cannot escape the influence of the word. Sex If love is an eternal topic, then sex has become its inevitable means.

It may be that the way that humans prolong life has created a variety of artistic tools. Therefore, the idea that humans have always wanted to live forever has also comforted itself through the promotion of sex.

If the purpose of love is sex and the purpose of sex is reproduction, then the purpose of art is to promote love and “sex”.

From a vertical and horizontal perspective, the development process of human society and history is the driving process of the interaction between men and women, and sex is the energy in it. Without this, human beings cannot talk about history and society. Furthermore, in a certain period of human history, social development is also due to the interaction between men and women. Therefore, without sex, men and women cannot function; without sex, society disappears. In order to achieve such various purposes, art has naturally played a long-term role as a medium and a tool.

It can be said that as long as human beings still need traditional artificial reproduction, the promotion of sex and the obsession with love will always exist, and the efficacy of art will always exist. Even if human beings can completely replicate their offspring through DNA, human beings still need art at that time. At least art can bring more reverie and memories to human beings at that time. It must be known that reverie and memory are also beautiful and a kind of enjoyment.

Humans cannot escape enjoyment. Society is not society unless people are no longer human, and of course art, sex, men and women are likewise dissipated.

However, the works of art produced by domestic and foreign artists often imply or publicize “sexual function”, and many people are proud of it and take pleasure in it. The author does not object to such works, but what I want to say is that apart from sex, human beings should have many other precious things worthy of being created and promoted by artists.

If it has to be said that it is ugly if you are impotent and frigid, will so many works of art rich in “sexual function” become consolations for eroticism? not necessarily.

Even though sex can reduce the fatigue of men and women, ease the pressure of work and life, and give both parties some kind of psychological comfort, we still need more comfort, not just in “sex”. Of course, many of the current works of art cannot exclude the interpretation of people’s curiosity, weirdness, fantasy, nightmare and so on. However, these are not enough to meet the artistic needs of current people.

After all, art requires love. This love is a generalized love, not a narrow love between men and women. It is a kind of nostalgia, sympathy, friendliness, praise, yearning for a certain person, thing, plant… However, it does include “sex”.

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