Why don’t you turn on the light when you are having sex?

Once chatting with a friend and talking about the matter in bed, she said that she must turn off the lights when she is having sex.

She said that even if it is changing underwear, you should avoid your partner, and you must not let your partner see you naked.

When asked why, she seemed to be imparting some experience:

“Don’t let your partner see you naked in bed, or men will easily lose interest in you when they see it.”

This is a bit incredible, because in the eyes of the people around her, she has a very good figure and appearance.

Why is she so worried?

In fact, this is a typical lack of “sex” charm, and there are many such cases.

In an interaction in our circle of friends, we asked how many girls wanted to turn off the lights and have sex, and the number of likes quickly broke the previous record.

Of course, this does not mean that everyone will turn off the lights, but it also reflects from the side that there are quite a lot of girls who have the same heart: turn off the lights when making love.

They feel like the lights are on, there’s no way to get involved, and they may even turn down their partner’s invitation to have sex.

In fact, what this reflects from the back is a deeper problem in many partners in the relationship: lack of sexual attraction is a common phenomenon.

So, how can we improve our sexual attractiveness?

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