Why do women’s breasts harden during sex?

Experts say that breasts are a very sensitive area in women. Especially women’s nipples, very sensitive, just caressing the nipples may make women taste the taste of orgasm. There are many men and women who find their breasts firmer during sex. So here is an explanation of why women’s nipples become hard during sex.

Abundant smooth muscle fibers in the nipple

Breasts are an important sign of female sexual maturity and one of the most important sexually sensitive areas for women. They also play an important role in sexual life, but people often overlook this.

During the arousal phase of the sexual response cycle, the breasts respond to sexual stimulation, which is the result of involuntary contractions of the abundant smooth muscle fibers in the nipple following sexual stimulation.

Tips, sex life is the best way to care for breasts

Modern medical research has proved that the causes of breast hyperplasia include low sexual function and disharmony in sexual life. Modern medical research has confirmed that the cause of mammary gland hyperplasia is the imbalance between estrogen and progesterone, which causes estrogen to stimulate breast tissue for a long time, and at the same time lacks the restraint and protective effect of progesterone, so mammary ducts and lobules are repeated in cycles During the menstrual cycle, hyperplasia becomes excessive and involution becomes incomplete, resulting in breast hyperplasia.

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