Why do women want to live together before marriage

Nowadays, many women are willing to live together with their boyfriends before marriage, and some even get pregnant out of wedlock and get married with a ball. What kind of psychology does this represent?

1. Out of curiosity

Not everyone is willing to break through traditional culture. For this reason, in the love stage, some people are willing to leave their first love in their bridal chamber night. However, friends are so excited about various discussions of the opposite sex. At this time, curiosity will overcome traditional concepts. How many precocious people can not be curious about the body of the opposite sex. Under the trend of curiosity, it also forms The thought of trying to try pre-experimental, resulting in pre-experimental results.

2. Poor self-control

In the face of love, many people’s IQ will be greatly reduced. Especially the post-90s are more keen on making friends online. After getting to know each other for a while online, they meet in real life. After meeting, it was as if old friends had not seen each other for a long time, and there was no sense of shyness. To this end, began the first time in life holding hands, the first kiss. Originally thought that the kiss could be terminated at this step, but the greed of the human heart finally overcomes the strong self-control, thus dedicating a precious first time in an impulsive state. Regardless of whether it is a man or a woman, once the precious first time is lost, the next second and third time will be born. In this state, it is very likely to develop into cohabitation before marriage.

3. To satisfy her boyfriend

There have also been women who have encountered such a situation, and their boyfriends threatened to try sex: either try or break up. In the face of such a threat, some rational women will decide to break up without thinking, but there are also some women who are reluctant to invest in their emotions over the years, so they choose to be wronged. Pre-marital sex trials under that kind of coercion can rarely lead to a marriage, because such men don’t know how to respect women, and more often they love themselves more. Such a selfish, narrow-minded and anxious man either doesn’t love you, or can’t give you real happiness. For this reason, pre-marital sex trials should be the acquiescence of both men and women in a voluntary state, and should not be the product of coercion.

4. In order to repay her boyfriend

Although they also understand that women’s chastity is very important and should not be easy to contribute, but under the constant agitation of her boyfriend’s admiration and love, they can’t stand the line of defense. Some of them made great sacrifices because their boyfriends were more attentive to them and gave them great assistance in study and life, or because their boyfriends solved many problems for their subordinates. I often feel uneasy, and I am grateful for it. When a boyfriend makes a sexual request, he is worried that the rejection will damage his heart, so he regards satisfying his boyfriend’s sexual request as a reward for his kindness, which accounts for 18.3% of the survey.

5. Want to upgrade love

Many young women regard “sex” as a measure of love, and believe that only sex can maintain and develop love. Some people believe that female nursing and premarital sex are the procedural requirements of love, the only way to go, and to happen in advance, can confirm the relationship as soon as possible, so that the love can be upgraded and deepened, and the cohesion of both parties can be strengthened. Under the arrangement of this sexual concept, they gave their whole body too quickly.

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