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Why do women prefer tall men

Tall men can always attract the attention of others. Studies have found that tall men are more likely to have greater leadership potential, which may be related to the fact that they have higher self-esteem, are happier, and are less likely to be jealous of other men. When people are looking for a romantic partner, both men and women tend to categorize themselves so that they form pairs of similar heights. However, among married couples, women are generally shorter than their husbands, even if only by a few inches. What is the psychology behind this phenomenon?

1. evolutionary choice

From an evolutionary perspective, some people think that the reason a taller male is more liked by a female is because when you get into an argument, he is stronger and also able to shield his family from some physical attack. In the primitive culture’s “beast-eating” world, this idea might make some sense. But unless tall people in this context also mean they are stronger, faster, and even smarter, height doesn’t offer a particular benefit.

2. Men's perception of height

First of all, it’s not only women who think about stature, men have more concerns in this regard. If a woman is taller than herself, some men will feel a lot of pressure. Sometimes they try to avoid walking together. Even if they really want to walk together, they will separate a “safe distance”. As everyone knows, when men are so concerned about height issues , Women also have their own considerations and pressures. For example, family members may dislike their boyfriends for being too short and let them break up. So don’t say that height is not a problem, in fact, it is still a problem.

3. skin friendly

When crossing the road, what a woman likes most is that her boyfriend can hold his hand tightly and express his concern for him. Holding hands, holding shoulders, hugging, kissing and other actions are the most intimate skin-to-skin contact between lovers. If the height difference is too large, certain problems will arise. For example, a man likes to hold a woman’s shoulder, but if he is not tall enough, it will be embarrassing, and there will be a situation where he hangs his shoulders. It is also very inconvenient for a woman in this position. posture. In fact, it is not difficult to imagine how hard that scene was.

4. The fatal attraction of high heels

Every woman has her own pair of high heels. But if you can’t wear high heels because of your boyfriend’s height, most women will feel very entangled. High heels are very attractive to women. If you have to say goodbye to attractive high heels, it will not have much effect on women who do not like to wear high heels, but it is a kind of torture for those women who control high heels. . Therefore, there is no shortage of women who only love high heels and do not love men in life.

5. for matching

Whether it is an ancient lady, a small family jasper, or a modern petite, cute and strong woman in the workplace, they all hope that they are petite in front of him. Which woman would like to be bigger than a man. Women are flowers and naturally like to hide in men. It’s cool under a big tree. If the woman is too big, it is estimated that there will be a small sapling growing next to a big flower. I don’t like it when I look at it. It will affect the beauty of the match.

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