Why do women like to wear high heels?

In our work and life, we often see some professional women who like to wear flesh-colored pantyhose with black stiletto shoes of about 6 inches. As a man, I am a little puzzled about this. I think if you do something similar to them You can understand the job, because the company’s requirements for employees are like this, and they should wear this all year round. For men, the requirements are suits and ties, black leather shoes on their feet, and long-term pants are not allowed in cold weather, so these White-collar workers always have arthritis when they are older and this has a lot to do with it.

As women, there are also some professional women, such as lawyers and other women who are engaged in more serious occupations. Their dress is formal, so they also wear flesh-colored stockings and black stilettos. In addition to these, women wearing flesh-colored stockings and black stilettos have gradually become the favorite of men, because women wear white blouses, short suits, black stilettos, and flesh-colored stockings. The look is very sexy, and some men control If you don’t live, you will have sex with her. Many office romances have a lot to do with women’s dress. It stands to reason that these professional women are dressed in formal clothes when they work in the company, but men are sometimes so strange. The more serious women are, the better they can be. Stimulate men’s sexual fantasies, but that kind of thing is easy to happen. Women in formal attire are more attractive to men than scantily clad women.

It was really a company request at first, but soon women found out that men liked their flesh-colored stockings with black stilettos, and their eyes were bright, so they would show off their flesh-colored stockings and black whenever they saw fit. Stilettos and high-heeled shoes, let’s ask which man can hold it when he sees it. This action seems unintentional but it is intentional, which makes the man’s hormones rise rapidly.

Therefore, I think that women like to wear shredded pork with black high heels on the one hand because of the requirements of their occupation and work unit, and on the other hand because men like it. Women are the ones who please themselves.

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