Why do women like to trust intuition?

We often say that women are very intuitive. Many examples in life also show that women are more willing to trust intuition, but it is a fact that they can think with intuition. So why do women prefer to trust their intuition?

The reason is actually because men are stronger in theoretical thinking ability, while women are superior to men in emotional and intuitive ability. When men want to know the truth of a thing, they tend to reason logically and climb the steps of theory, so when the steps are suddenly interrupted, they cannot move on. So I came to the conclusion that “this thing is really complicated and puzzling”. And women don’t take this step-by-step approach. They don’t pay too much attention to whether the matter is reasonable, but they believe very much in the impression that flashes in their minds. She is suspicious of something, often not because it is unreasonable, but because there is something unnatural about the other person’s eyes, expressions, voice, etc.

In addition, compared with men, women’s range of activities is limited, so women’s living space is relatively narrow. Their daily lives are relatively simple, unlike men who need to record many complicated things in detail on a notepad. Therefore, they can focus on one thing and connect it with other things. They make similar comparisons and reflections on and off. They are very keen in this regard, and they remember that when someone wears a certain dress and a certain tie, they always look pleasant; These small phenomena have become the material for their rich associations.

Of course, in fact, the so-called “intuition” of women is actually not so effective. Hundreds of thousands of thoughts pop up in people’s minds every day. Just like the wind blowing the water will make ripples. Most of them will be forgotten. Only individual people with impaired forgetting ability will suffer from a kind of stray thoughts terror card. The same is true of intuition. Originally, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

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