Why do women like to hold hands with men?

Why do women and men always want to hold or hold their hands when they go out? Is this a sense of security, or does it mean something else?
There are two reasons for this

First, holding hands is a woman's way of expressing intimacy

Women and men express their emotions in different ways. Women like to use physical contact to express their kindness and intimacy, but men rarely use actions to express intimacy.

From a psychological point of view, women are more emotional, and their thinking is also based on feeling, and their senses are more sensitive than men, especially touch. Therefore, women are more accustomed to using tactile feelings instead of language expressions. When dating a girlfriend, people not only use their ears to hear what she has to say, but also to see what she does with their eyes. Only in this way can we gain a more accurate insight into the true intentions of her heart.

Second, the psychological distance between them has narrowed

Body linguistics experts have found that everyone has a psychological “alertness”, that is, people’s “sphere of influence” feeling. Each person is self-centered and expands around to form an egg-shaped psychological defense space. Once others invade, it will cause him (her) tension, vigilance and resistance.

The more strangers, the farther they are from each other, and the greater the distance between their bodies. On the contrary, the psychological defense space distance will gradually shrink. For example, between normal couples, the relationship between parents and children is the most intimate, so the psychological distance between them can be reduced to zero, that is, close physical contact occurs.

Therefore, if your female partner always likes to hold your hand intimately or touch your body when walking, it means that the psychological distance between her and you has been greatly shortened, and she does not care that you invade her “sphere of influence” “.

However, many people don’t know this kind of psychology. They think that when a woman gets close, it means they have desire. They are wrong. In fact, this is just a way for women to express intimacy. They are close to you, more from a sense of spiritual and psychological intimacy, so men must not think too much, and must hold on to it!

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