Why do women like to get along with “boyfriends”

What is a boyfriend? It sounds a bit abstract. Boyfriends are a little less ambiguous than a so-called “blue-faced confidant”, a little more candid than a so-called “ambiguous object”, a little more intimate than a so-called “spare tire of love”, and a little more intimate than a so-called “soul mate” And more grounded.

Why do women love “boyfriends”? What are the benefits of being around “boyfriends”? What kind of man is suitable to be a “boyfriend”? Let’s have a look!

Why do women need “boyfriends”?

1. Psychological needs.

Women usually share almost all topics and life events with their best friends, and they are even closer to each other than their partners. Best friends are important to women’s mental health. Compared with ordinary friends, there is emotional reciprocity and emotional dependence between girlfriends. Women who have several close friends tend to be happier. Best friends also had a higher “friendship quality”, which was reflected in intimacy and mutual support. When encountering difficulties and difficulties in life, women expect support and comfort from their best friends. It should be said that this kind of psychological need has nothing to do with gender. In the past, it was only the shackles of restrictive concepts, and women did not dare to cultivate their own “boyfriends”.

2. Pour out your heart.

Women are nagging animals, rich in emotions, and where they need to be vented. Girlfriends can, of course, but wouldn’t it be better to have one more person to confide in.

3.Workplace decompression.

Now is an impatient society, work pressure is high, and mood is easy to fluctuate. Boyfriends can help women analyze where the pressure comes from through a different perspective than women, and put forward practical suggestions, not just sympathy and emotional comfort.

Men think differently from women. Their abstraction ability is stronger, and they can analyze and think about problems from a rational point of view. This kind of heterosexual interaction can complement the insufficiency of gender roles.

4. Enrich life.

The world is rich, one more boyfriend, one more fun in life. Analyzing a man’s psychology when hesitating, having fun with a man when discussing gossip, having a man to accompany you when traveling, and looking at a man’s evaluation when dressing up, is a joy in life in itself.

5.Work depends.

If men and women in the same unit form an intimate relationship, work can complement each other, reduce work mistakes, and improve work efficiency. This phenomenon is very common in many units, especially in the entertainment industry. Men and women are very close, but they are not partners in life.

These men are suitable to be "boyfriends"

1. A man of great intelligence

Such a man will have a leading role in your career and life, so that you can get a better perspective on problems and help you improve yourself.

2. Healthy and happy men

A happy person is not hated by anyone, especially a man who is full of worldly affairs and can maintain a healthy and happy heart. His life must be positive, it will bring you happiness and help you relieve stress.

3. Like-minded men

Possessing a common language is undoubtedly the easiest condition for being a confidant.

4. Emotionally pure man

Getting along with simple men will make you let go of your guard and make it easier to get involved.

5. Outsiders who are willing to listen

Being in different social circles, you will naturally look at issues as a bystander rather than personal, and in many cases, all you need is a good audience.

6. A man with little fame and fortune

Looking at life and world affairs with a calm attitude, being low-key does not mean that you are not excellent; on the contrary, he will bring you some more calm attitude and inspiration.

7. Outspoken man

Absolutely perfect for a confidant, and a solid opinion will keep you awake in the midst of a lot of head-scratching flattery.

8. A man with a generous heart

A broad mind is more useful than broad shoulders. When you are struggling, this kind of inclusive warmth is irreplaceable.

9. Delicate new good man

Neutral emotions and a sensitive mind make it easier for him to understand you.

10. A man with excellent character

Even if you associate with such a man, even if it is very intimate, it will not bring gossip and interfere with your peaceful life.

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