Why do women always want to change men?

In love life, some women often habitually transform men according to their own requirements. In fact, men also have their own ideas, and the thing they are most afraid of who hate trouble is to take too much. So, what are the things that men hate most about women? Why do women always want to change men.

Of course, transforming a man is also a kind of beauty creation

Men have improved, and women have gotten better. But transforming a man is much harder than losing weight and having children. Many women have a hobby, that is, they want to transform men, everything must conform to her norms, and they are not allowed to overstep the limit. In their eyes, doing what she asks is loving her, and failing to do what she asks is “rebellion”.

Why should women transform men? Because the two live their lives, it is inevitable that they will bump into each other because of their different living habits. As a result, couples often cannot wait to change each other’s habits to suit their own lifestyles.

But men's bad habits, you can change it when you say it

For example, smoking and drinking are really not good. Men also know this principle, but men can’t live without it. Women have to do everything possible to transform it, and even treat it as a rival in love. They have worked hard and worked hard, but in fact, the men in the world are still smoking and drinking, so that some people say that “A man who doesn’t smoke or drink, and a woman who doesn’t grow a beard can draw the same sign.” Women’s transformation efforts were all in vain.

Many women admire Hillary Clinton, and feel that this strong woman built Clinton with one hand. Not only did she select him among a bunch of boys at Yale University, she actively pursued him, but she also assisted him in being elected president. But in the end, her fate was obvious to all. Clinton took Lewinsky and used the peach “zipper door incident” to repay her dear wife. It is said that Hillary later sighed in a speech to a women’s organization: Don’t try to transform a man, the result of the transformation is to be like yourself—a man not only doesn’t appreciate it, but feels that everything is the result of his own efforts, And your efforts are likely to get another woman picking it up!

The types of women that men hate the most

Women can be cute, likable, and of course annoying. Perhaps, girls with beautiful looks are uniquely endowed with the capital to be loved by others, but in fact, in the eyes of many men, appearance is not the most important thing, and appearance is worthy of the public. And in reality, there are not many people who are really ugly. Many of us are still ordinary people, and we still have ordinary beauty. So, in the eyes of most men, what type of woman is considered annoying?

The first: stingy, pretentious

Of course, stingy here does not mean thrift and simplicity in life. On the contrary, women who are frugal and simple in life are often the most pleasing to men. After all, we are all people who want to live. The stingy and pretentious here refers to the handling of the world, in other words, it is small-minded.

Basically, most men can’t stand this type of woman. Because this kind of woman will bring endless troubles to the family and men, and often the little things will cause trouble, such as a little conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, or communication with neighbors, and this kind of woman Living together, you don’t even think that you can live a good life one day, and if other men see or know about it, it will inevitably be daunting.

Second: Disobedience

“Not being filial to the man’s parents” is the most unbearable part of many men. Because such women often do not say she is selfish, because they are very filial to their parents. Many times, when people from her parents’ family asked for money, she would be very enthusiastic, but at this time, if the parents-in-law came to ask their son for money, she would straighten her face and find out that three hundred years ago The thing said how wrong the mother-in-law was, and hinted that the husband should not give.

The main reason why men hate such a woman is that you are not good to the parents who gave birth to him and raised him, and that her small eyes make her lose the beauty and generosity of a woman, and it also makes people lose their appetite for her.

Third: do not know how to advance or retreat

The most annoying thing about this kind of woman is that she doesn’t do things according to the situation, which makes the people around her especially shameless. For example, if you fail in business, or if you make less money than you want, and you are sad and sad and want to find some comfort, who will feel better when your woman will give you a look at you? ?

Therefore, women must know how to advance and retreat, and if necessary, they can be cute, and they must know how to stop and observe their faces.

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