Why do men separate sex from love?

Are sex and love the same thing? With men and women, you can get different answers. The woman’s answer was yes, while the man’s answer was no. There is a precondition for a woman to have sex with a man, which is that she must love the man. There is no such restriction for a man to have sex with a woman, whether he loves the woman or not, he may have sex with her.

In the eyes of women, sex is love, and there can be sex without love. It is difficult for them to distinguish between sex and love. In the eyes of men, there is no necessary connection between sex and love. Sex is sex and love It’s love, and while they sometimes happen at the same time, men can still tell them apart.

Why do men separate sex from love? Because men’s brains are unidirectional, they – can only process one thing at a time.

In a man’s brain, there is no channel connecting the sex center and the love center. When the sex center works, the love center doesn’t work; when the love center works, the sex center doesn’t work. Because men’s brains divide sex and love into two things, they can treat sex and love differently. Why don’t women have this ability? Because a woman’s brain is multi-directional, there is a reticular connection between the love center and the sex center, and the sex center is activated only after the love center is turned on. So, there is no way for a woman to separate sex from love.

A survey on extramarital affairs shows that more than 90% of extramarital affairs begin with men, and more than 80% of them end with women. Men are prone to extramarital affairs, even if they love their wives, because it’s entirely possible that they have sex with other women. Men don’t need a reason for having extramarital affairs, because they have a natural instinct to have sex with multiple opposite sexes. It is precisely because men like to pursue sexual diversity that they cannot help but have sex with different women. As for whether they love those women or not, they may not have thought about it at all, because in their view, sex and love are not the same thing. Men will take the initiative to develop extramarital affairs without a necessary connection, but they rarely end a relationship because they don’t mind having sex with several women at the same time.

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