Why do men like to see beautiful women?

When a beautiful girl passes by, most men will stare at them, even if their lover is by their side, it cannot stop them from following the “beautiful” gaze. At this point, many women will feel confused – why are men so “lewd”? In this regard, experts have given a scientific answer.

Men's preference for beautiful women is primarily determined by their biological traits.

Most of the standards of female external beauty are closely related to fertility. Men regard the opposite sex who meet these standards as “beautiful” and quickly “position” and chase them visually. Therefore, behind the love of looking at beautiful women, there is the endless power of reproduction of human beings.

Secondly, seeing young and beautiful people of the opposite sex will make men feel happy and satisfied.

The study was conducted by Dr. Benjamin Hayden of the Neurological Research Center at Duke University School of Medicine. The results showed that the areas of the male brain that govern happiness are more active when viewing pictures of attractive women.

Again, looking at beautiful women can bring many health benefits.

A five-year study by British researchers shows that men staring at beautiful women for 10 minutes a day are equivalent to doing 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, and their average life expectancy can be extended by 4-5 years. McMaster University in Canada also found that men’s sperm quality also improved significantly when they faced beautiful women.

In the end, men are not bad, women are not loved.

“Sexy” men make people feel that their male characteristics are prominent, they have strong sexual ability, and they are more likely to attract women’s attention.

Although “lust” is a man’s nature and has many advantages, the above conclusion is not an excuse for a man’s fuss. Experts emphasize that in human society, loyalty is a virtue, and men can appreciate beautiful women, but they cannot make ambiguous and derailed behaviors.

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