Why do men like to have sex in the morning?

—-Because most men will get up hard in the morning and their sexual performance is in a good state.

Women need a longer period of caressing. To put it more directly, men can have sex as soon as they wake up, while women start to feel excited after they are done. Women can never catch up with the fast pace of men, and as a result, they can’t make marital life harmonious. Because women like to dress up during sex and play sexual and provocative power, but when they wake up in the morning, it is impossible to do it.

In the morning, it is a natural reflex behavior for men to harden their penis due to an overflowing bladder. On the contrary, at other times, men mostly harden up because their brain and body respond to sexual stimulation. Men like to have sex in the morning because they feel confident about their sexuality. If he doesn’t wake up hard in the morning, there may be problems with his sexuality, because generally men can wake up hard 5 to 6 times a night.

Despite knowing the biological reasons why men get up hard in the morning, how should women deal with it? If he’s horny and you’re not, should you pretend to fall asleep, or turn him down?

Our advice: “Make an agreement between couples. It’s not romantic, but it can reduce the stress on you. Pretending to fall asleep sometimes works, but it never solves the problem. Let’s be honest.

If you have important things to do in the morning, you can promise him to change it to Sunday morning, so that everyone has more time to enjoy sex. But if the woman really hates sex in the morning, the husband needs to take care of the other person’s feelings, otherwise she may eventually resist sex to prevent damage to the sexual relationship.”

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