Why do men like coquettish women

Men like coquettish women, why is this? Are coquettish women cute, or can they satisfy their machismo?

1. Satisfy the vanity of men

A woman also looks at a man when she acts coquettish, which means that in the woman’s mind, she is the type that she can rely on. Especially masculine men can’t stand the coquetry of women the most. Once a woman acts like a spoiled child, a few kind words and actions can soften his attitude immediately, because it will make him feel that he is needed and his heart will be greatly satisfied.

2. Coquetry women are more emotional

When a woman acts like a spoiled child, her attitude is soft, her tone is soft, and she is full of sensual temptation. . A woman in love is loved by someone, and a coquettish love can make a man soft and convincing.

3. Arouse his desire for protection

Men subconsciously feel that women need protection. Although a woman who is too strong can provoke a man’s sense of conquest, it cannot arouse a man’s desire for protection. A woman who can act like a spoiled child has a soft attitude, which can make a man feel different from his own masculinity and arouse his desire for protection.

4. Acting like a baby can avoid quarrels

A woman who can act like a spoiled child usually has enough fantasies about love and is happy. They are not easily injured, and they will not use sharp language to confront men head-on. The coquettish woman is more gentle and forgiving, which makes the man more at ease and dependent. They are coquettish, but never mess with men. Acting like a spoiled child during a quarrel can quickly relieve both sides, and then it will not hurt the relationship.

Occasionally acting like a spoiled child makes men want to stop, but too much spoiling will be regarded as acting. So, how to measure the scale of acting like a spoiled child?

Point 1. One of the main points of acting like a spoiled child is: do what you like, no matter what he says, you just have to say to him: “Really? People seem to listen to it, hate it, people don’t know it”, just like this, basically everything can catch up .

Point 2. The essence of acting like a spoiled child is: even when you are scolding people, you will make people feel comfortable, and you should use redundancies and tone particles in your speech, such as la, well, good, kiss, etc. Of course, your voice must be gentle.

Point 3. Use both hands and feet: You can use your body to touch, beat or do some cute actions while acting like a spoiled child, which makes acting like a spoiled child more lethal.

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