Why do many women feel more clingy after having sex?

That is the wrong consciousness given to them by the general environment:

1. The society still regards women as weak and dependent second sex, and still has higher moral standards for women. Women naturally behave in a direction that is considered cute by social standards.

2. Sex is still a value exchange to a large extent. Based on the fact that men give first, and women give back, once an important return is given, it is indeed a matter of gain and loss, fearing that the other party will not cherish it.

All of these things are subtly and subtly, so many women are more clingy and attached to each other after a relationship.

I have also heard a saying that in sexual behavior, men invade and possess, while women are possessed and conquered, so everyone behaves differently afterwards. About this, I just want to say, this is BS

Because this kind of argument is still an act of brainwashing, who defines what is to possess and what is to be possessed? Why put women in that position?

I can offer another way of thinking. Generally speaking, men exercise more. Why don’t they think that men are trying to please and serve women? He works so hard.

Whatever you want. It is not necessary to always talk about the natural structure of men and women is different, it is obviously the result of brainwashing.

Back to the original idea of ​​using sex as a bargaining chip to exchange value. There are specialties in the surgery industry, and many fishing girls have done a good job. But I’ve heard too many stories of college girls being raided.

Young women sometimes don’t take their young bodies too seriously. If they don’t have enough intelligence to operate, and there are no other combination cards, it is stupid to use their body value/sexual value to pinch men. Especially those who do it before they go to bed, but have no other long-term value. These young girls are easy to encounter coaxing them until they go to bed, and then change their faces after going to bed.

Everything is based on the present moment. Now, do I want to.

Don’t overcode with the future. He promises what to do with me in the future, or what I expect to be with him in the future, so now what I am doing with him, then I get caught up in worrying about gains and losses.

These are all too complicated. With such a mind to ponder, is it not good to work hard to make money?

Sex is sex, protect yourself and be happy.

The mainstream voices of those environments, think for yourself whether it is reasonable and whether it is beneficial to you.Linking sex and love, men are not surrounded by a few, and women are about to be wiped out.

Whether I love you or not, I love myself anyway.

My decision has nothing to do with whether you love me or not. Sex is not the reward I will give if you love me.

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