Why do I find “sex” disgusting?

First consider whether it is asexual, and the more obvious feature of asexuality is that, whether it is for the opposite sex or the same sex, there is no sexual impulse or sexual desire, and there is no sexual need (such as masturbation).

Secondly, you can think about your sexual orientation. Is it possible that it is a same-sex sexual orientation? Many homosexuals generally don’t know they are gay until they meet the right person, and the reason why they feel that sex is disgusting is because the sex of the fantasy object is wrong, and naturally they feel disgusting and unacceptable, just like most heterosexuals The same is true for most gay friends when they fantasize about having sex with the same sex, and most gay friends feel disgusting and unacceptable when they fantasize about having sex with the opposite sex.

If none of the above is true, then you can consider starting from your childhood experiences. For example, your parents are not in harmony, often quarrel or even fight, which casts a shadow on yourself, thinking that the union of your parents is a wrong thing, and the union of your parents gave birth to you. It is even a mistake, so that it is a wrong thing to think that the union of men and women, including sexual intercourse, so there is a rejection of sex.

Or the father is unilaterally sexually violent, he does not hide himself, and he does not care about the dignity and ideas of his mother, which leads to his early exposure to the sexual life that his parents do not see as “gentle” or “beautiful”, so that he is afraid of sex and even resists sex.

If none of the above-listed situations fit the bill, then maybe it’s a sex education issue?

The deviation or lack of sex education has caused many people to place too much importance on “virginity” or ignore “the beauty of sex”. The former may lead to overcorrection and over-emphasis on sex education, which leads to long-term repression, which is carefully buried in the heart, afraid to expose or even look directly at oneself. Sexual needs lead to overkill.

The latter may lead to long-term ignoring of “sex” itself, completely unable to get “the beauty of sex”, feeling that this is a thankless thing, giving a lot of money, and gaining very little, resulting in a rejection mentality.

Of course, because of different past experiences, different personalities and temperaments, and many other reasons, there is no way to mention all of them due to the limitation of space and ability, but, in any case, regardless of male Women, married and unmarried, we must know that sex is important.

The “sex” mentioned here is very important. It does not mean that we should “value chastity”, nor do we blindly pursue “sex”. It just means that we must face up to, face up to, face sexual needs, and understand what we want and what we don’t want. , sexual needs are not only satisfied by the other half, and choose the appropriate way to solve; in addition, we must also pay attention to “sexual problems”, whether it is for their own “sexual happiness” or for the “sexual happiness” of the other half in the future, You must pay attention to your “sexual function, sexual ability”

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