Why do guys need to arouse girls’ sexual desire first?

Straight men know that the erotic arousal model of straight men is very simple, watching naked women, listening to sexy voices, or simply imagining a sexy scene, they are “hard”.

Yet few straight men know how to arouse their female partners. This is not because the man is so big and indifferent to the physical pleasure of his female partner. Straight guys actually really want their girlfriends to have fun in bed. After all, whether a man is noble or not, the pleasure of a female companion also constitutes a part of a man’s sexual pleasure. They also looked at various questions on how to improve their sexual skills:

Is thickness important or length important?
Women are more concerned about hardness, or durability?
Do women like to be in the back or in the top?
Does G-spot orgasm exist?

Are these questions important? However, almost all straight men ignore a major premise, that is, women can only indulge in sex when they are aroused. In other words, she also needs to “harden up”.

Imagine that when you are “soft”, you will be blessed with various skills and abilities, will you be happy, can you orgasm? Theory applied to practice. That is to say, before improving the sexual organic ability and skill, the first thing a man needs to learn is how to arouse the lust of his female partner. So how to arouse a woman’s lust and make her ignite?

What is it like when a girl is sexually aroused?

The clitoris is congested, crimson, and expands; the labia majora opens outward, and the labia minora darkens; the vaginal wall secretes more and more fluid, which flows out of the dilated vaginal opening. The breasts are fuller and fuller, and the color is more rosy; the limbs become relaxed, the body is hot and twisted, and the complexion is crimson. The eyes will become slack, the eyelids will be half-closed, and become soft, with the slightly open and closed lips, making a slight sound of the bed.

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