Why do guys have to take the initiative to pursue girls?

Everyone must have often heard similar words on the Internet, such as: girls are not chasing, but attracted; licking the dog until the end has nothing; feelings need to go both ways…. And these statements seem to have become the mantra of many “single dogs”.

In fact, in my opinion, these statements are more of a complaint and complaint. The target group is of course those male compatriots who are eager to get rid of the single, but encounter difficulties and setbacks in the process of seeking to get rid of the single. When faced with setbacks, they chose to retreat and lie down, rather than face and bear. This is a very bad social phenomenon.

There are two types of difficulties in getting rid of the single. The first type of boys is inferior, cowardly, and has a loose attitude towards life; Holding such a mentality will not only encounter setbacks in the relationship between the sexes, but also encounter the same problems in life and work.

Another type of boys have good abilities and conditions, but they are arrogant and conceited. They lack accurate knowledge and positioning of themselves. Even if they meet a good girl, they are reluctant to put down their stature and fight for it. They always want to wait for the other party to take the initiative. Time and time again I missed the good marriage.

If you are in the right seat, will many people see their shadows in these two groups of people? Let me explain in detail the reasons why we advocate actively chasing girls.

1. Differences in physical attributes of men and women

Throughout the long history of biological evolution, almost all female creatures tend to find a reliable and stable living space and living environment for raising their offspring, and their bodies are not as strong as males, so these conditions must be created by their spouses. and open up. These are subconscious minds etched in DNA, and humans are no exception.

This is why most women prefer men who are taller and more socially viable when choosing a mate. And active, bold, masculine men will give people a strong and reliable feeling, so they will win the favor of women more. On the contrary, the more inferior, cowardly, and irresponsible men seem, the less they will see them.

However, in today’s society and on the Internet, there is a voice that does not advocate that boys pursue girls, which makes many boys find the best excuse for their passivity, incompetence, indulgence, cowardice and evasion of responsibility, which is extremely undesirable.

2. If you actively pursue the girl you like, you are more likely to get the love you want

The physiological attributes of women also determine that they are sensitive and delicate, not as bold and direct as men. Therefore, even if they meet a boy they like, they will not express it easily, and they look forward to the other party’s initiative. In their eyes, boys who are emotionally active are more masculine.

Many boys are particularly weak, wanting benefits but not willing to take risks and put in effort. They dare not take the initiative in front of the girls they like, they are timid, their hearts are swaying, and they are not firm enough.

Once you don’t get the feedback you want from a girl, you’re prone to self-doubt, negative emotions and negative behaviors, which in the eyes of girls are extremely lacking in masculinity. Ordinary girls will avoid such men, let alone girls they like.

Therefore, only by actively pursuing a girl you like is more likely to get the love you want. The state shown in the pursuit period also determines the emotional quality when they are together in the end.

3. The process of pursuit is also a kind of self-improvement and improvement

Women also need to judge whether you are worthy of dating through the attitude of men towards themselves, whether the male suitors themselves are willing to spend their time, whether they are willing to take responsibility, whether they are self-motivated, etc. will be shown. These are the things that girls value very much in boys.

In the process of pursuing the girl they like, in order to gain the favor of the other party, they will do their best to make themselves better and improve their temperament and character.

In order to give each other happiness, their sense of responsibility will also increase and become more responsible. Even if you don’t catch the girl you like in the end, you will still gain a lot in the process.

It can be seen that it is extremely necessary to consciously cultivate one’s attitude and behavior to actively pursue girls.

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