Why do bad boys attract girls?

Bad boys have flash points that attract girls. Most ordinary boys don’t have flash points. Unfortunately, bad boy flash points are not used correctly.

Many deceived girls need affirmation and love. Bad boys often take advantage of this to make girls psychologically satisfied and create a beautiful illusion. Even girls will say: “Why don’t you continue to lie to me? Even if you lie to me, I don’t want to give up these good things. .”

The biggest advantage of bad boys is that they know how to observe girls, know how to market themselves, know what girls need, and he will give you what they need, so it is easier to win girls’ hearts.

Women like to listen to sweet words, and they like men with high emotional intelligence

Bad boys can talk all kinds of sweet words, and they won’t cause too much emotional dependence on girls, so girls usually relax their defenses when they fall in love with them.

The bad boy is shameless enough, and the bad boy will not be beaten and sad because the girls deliberately or unintentionally criticize some of his own shortcomings, such as he is “short, or ugly, or poor”. sad.

Bad boys will play hard-to-eat even more, and girls will love scumbags even more because of bad boys’ hard-to-play love. And this feeling of detachment keeps the relationship between men and women fresh.

This is why girls prefer to fall in love with bad boys, because bad boys know the inner world of girls better.

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