Why are women not interested in sex after giving birth

Pregnancy to childbirth is a relatively difficult process that many women go through. Only they know the taste of it. After childbirth, the feeding of children is another process. Many women have the problem of frigidity after childbirth, so women are frigid after childbirth. What are the reasons? Let me introduce it in detail today.

New mothers have a lot of hard work. Many women are not very skilled in all aspects of giving birth for the first time. They are overwhelmed in taking care of their children. From postpartum recovery, adjusting the baby’s routine, breastfeeding, etc., many women are very hard, in this tired state , will naturally be refused the same room.

It is not easy to get pregnant in ten months, and it is also difficult for full-time mothers. Working mothers have to work and take care of their children. They have less and less time for themselves. How can I have so much time for my husband?

Postpartum depression, many women experience mental depression after giving birth, unexplained distress, tantrums, etc., which affect the whole life state, and naturally they will not have a good state and mood to have sex with their husbands.

Pain, the pain of childbirth, everyone who has experienced it knows that the process of postpartum repair also varies from person to person. Some weeks, some take months. During this time, women are mentally and physically When I recovered, I was afraid when I thought about the pain and stimulation that intercourse would bring to my lower body.

Breast milk affects libido, if breastfeeding, it affects libido to a certain extent, and hormones send signals to suppress libido. This is why many mothers experience vaginal dryness after giving birth.

Without self-confidence, the body needs a certain period of time to recover after giving birth, weight gain, loose skin, sagging breasts, if the whole body is naked in front of her husband, it must not have the kind of self-confidence in the past, which makes many women lose their sexual interest.

I can’t feel the love of my husband. Some men transfer more love to their children after having a baby, and care less and less for their wives, which makes many women feel uncomfortable psychologically and can’t feel it. Husband’s love, naturally do not want to have the same room with her husband.

It ends too quickly, men are visual animals and women are sensory animals. Women can become sensitive after giving birth, so use a little more rhetoric before sex and don’t end it too soon.

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