Why are women hesitant to have sex for the first time?

While most women go from girl to woman by having sex for the first time, having sex for the first time is still important for any woman.

Female sexuality is the biggest obstacle to the first sexual intercourse. They don’t have the feelings of adult women, but they have guilt and shame.

01. For the first time, women need to bear a lot of pressure

Because of the female physiology, during sex, women:
① Fear of pain caused by ruptured hymen;
② Fear of harm to the body due to improper contraception, such as pregnancy, miscarriage and other risks;
③ Fear of poor performance due to nervousness, causing both parties to be ugly and embarrassing;
④I am afraid that the future boyfriend or husband will ask why he is not a virgin before the two parties have reached the end, and he does not know how to answer;
⑤ Spiritually disappointed because of loss of virginity;

These sexual psychology of women make them never dare to take the initiative to propose what they want, and even feel flustered when facing the invitation of their boyfriends, not knowing whether to refuse or agree.

02. The vast majority of women want sex and love to be one

Although with the promotion of sexual liberation, some people can accept an open sexual relationship, thinking that sex and love can be separated, you can pursue physical sensory stimulation, and you can freely satisfy your desires.

But the vast majority of women still want the unity of sex, like to establish close and long-lasting relationships with others, and regard sex as a part of themselves, and their body and mind are inseparable.

Therefore, women’s desire for a sexual relationship is to obtain enough love. When the relationship is relatively long and stable, they also hope that sex can promote the strengthening of love between both parties.

However, after experiencing sex, people will have different feelings: some men are very interested beforehand, but they find that it is nothing more than that after they really try, thus reducing their interest in the woman, no longer enthusiastic, and causing the woman to feel lost;

Some men are always attentive beforehand and act like princesses, but since the woman has committed herself to the man, she will think “you already belong to me”, and feel that she has conquered the woman, the woman has surrendered, and there is no need to please.

Some men are also very contradictory in their hearts, wanting it when they can’t get it, getting it too quickly, too easily, and worrying that women are too frivolous.

Therefore, many women will communicate with their partners before sexual relations to assess the emotional stability of both parties, whether the other party has sufficient ability and willingness to face various problems with them, and their sexual concepts and expectations.

When they think that this man is only using themselves to satisfy sexual desires, that they are not respected but will be used, they, like Yiwei, will be disappointed and angry with this man.

When is it okay to have sex in this relationship? Agree or reject?
In fact, the answer lies in your own heart.

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