What is “Sexual Grooming”? Why are some men bad at Sexual Grooming?

From a physiological point of view, there are two main reasons why people can’t control Sexual Grooming during orgasm.

One is that when approaching or reaching an orgasm, the oxygen content in the blood decreases, and people will fall into a state of hypoxia. Once the accelerated breathing is disordered, they will make uncontrollable muffled sounds.

The second is that when the climax is approaching, the “exciting substances” in the brain increase, which makes people confused, may dilute their reason, and make sounds that even they can’t imagine.

In the process of sexual activity, touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste all play an important role in sexual arousal, and each person’s sexual arousal triggers have their own characteristics. In terms of hearing, for some people, intimate conversations, gasping, and crying during orgasm are very exciting. There is a word called “voice control”, which means that people who have a strong preference for voice will affect their subjective thinking because of their personal preferences, and the good voice of the other party can attract them.

Have you heard of “language love”? Generally speaking, two people make love remotely through voice with the help of electronic devices. Of course, they also need to cooperate manually here. Here, language plays a big role.

Some people will look for some auxiliary props when masturbating. When material resources are scarce or video resources cannot be found, some people will fall back to seek sound resources. People have an irresistible effect.

Therefore, many people like to make or hear sounds during sex. The special sound is really a lubricant in sexual activity, it can play a role in sexual arousal, and it can also make each other more excited. The reason why “calling at orgasm” is important in sexual activity, in addition to the above-mentioned reasons, is that it can provide a positive feedback of sexual satisfaction through sound, and this positive feedback will make the other party feel happy and be recognized. The partner will also work harder.

For a long time, “calling a bed” seems to be a word tied to women, and it seems that this word has nothing to do with men. Like “men have tears but don’t flick”, some of our personalities are actually shaped by society. If a man accepts the silent, stoic image given by society, he will talk, cry or cry during sexual activity. Moaning can be very difficult.

In bed, males who can bark are a rare species. The data I can’t find the source shows that the proportion of males who bark frequently is only about 23.6%. But in reality, many women, like men, like to hear their partner’s gasps during sexual activity, and one study showed that many women indicated that the silence of their male spouse hindered their own sexual arousal (DeMartino, 1970) .

The fact that a man chooses to remain silent is neither good for her nor for himself. Deliberately suppressing the natural sound of sex during sex is actually depriving himself of this potentially powerful and pleasing form of non-verbal communication.

For female readers, I would like to suggest a little. If your male partner never barks in bed, the communication in the early stage is fruitless, and you really want to hear his uncontrollable gasps, I suggest you try to choose the position of the female and become the attacker, believe me, you will Something unexpected happened.

In my opinion, Sexual Grooming is also an effective way to decompress during sex. Think about it, when we go out to travel and climb to the top of the mountain, we can’t help but put our hands in a trumpet shape to our mouths and shout towards the valley to release the pressure. Similarly, when sex is at its peak, if you want to scream, why should you endure it.

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