Why are men afraid of marriage after dating for a long time

Women take into account their age and want to get married when their relationship is gradually stabilized. But men are different. Many men don’t want to get married the longer they are in love. Why is this? What is the psychology of a man who does not want to get married?

1. Fear of commitment

It is the nature of animals to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. Men’s fear of commitment is as common as men’s lust. Men who are afraid of commitment are afraid of being responsible for their commitments.

2. He doesn't love you

Please don’t evade this topic. Many men now have a playful attitude towards relationships and have no intention of getting married at all. “Do you really love me?” This is probably the most frequently asked question among couples. If you ask each other sweetly and directly, congratulations, you are still in love. But if you ask this question in the mirror every day with tears in your eyes, and you even start asking your friends if they think their boyfriend loves you, then 86.42% of them really don’t love you anymore, and you should find the next real life as soon as possible. Oh my god.

3. Fear of change

Two people have been together for so long and are so good, will the sudden change lead to loss of anything? This kind of thinking makes men very insecure. Love is different from marriage. When a man wants to get married, you have to prepare him enough, not to surprise him.

If you want to get married and he refuses, you must not be hard. You can always mention the happy life after marriage, children, etc. by his side from time to time. These can not only test his ideas, but also strengthen his understanding. The dream of marriage.

4. Too much pressure

Love is a matter of two people. You can go out for a big meal every day. You can also go out crazy every night. You can be a moonlight clan… Marriage is a matter of two families. When you are in love, you don’t look at your family background or your savings. You only care about feelings. If you feel right, you will be together. But marriage is different. You may pay more attention to whether the two parties are the right match and whether they are suitable to be your wife.

When you are in love, you don’t have to bear too much, but after marriage, it is different. After marriage, you have to shoulder the responsibility of the whole family. Now, most of the post-80s are only children. You two husband and wife have to shoulder the heavy responsibility of supporting the four elderly people. This is a heavy burden, and the pressure is too great.

5. Fear of losing freedom

The love relationship is not tied, two people still have their own lives, and they can live the two-person world well. But once he entered the marriage, all kinds of problems such as children, house, and parents bound him. This kind of life would increase his stress and lose his freedom.

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