Which part of the girl is the most sensitive

Which part of the girl is the most sensitive? How to get more and more excited?

A male researcher asked, where are girls the most sensitive?

Human Sensitivity Map: Upper Body

You may not know that there are forty or fifty sensitive areas in the human body. They hold the pleasure switch of the human body. Once touched or stimulated, it will make people feel unstoppable and comfortable.

Today I will take you to find a few parts, and the rest depends on how you master it!


The scalp is the area closest to the brain, with abundant nerve endings. Once stimulated, it can transmit signals to the brain more quickly, and the brain in the skull will instantly climax, causing the capillaries in the scalp to expand, causing the scalp to feel numb.


I believe everyone has experienced that when your partner blows air or speaks into your ear, you will experience a soft feeling all over your body.

This is because the skin around the ear is very thin, and it only needs a little stimulation from the outside world to make the nerves and capillaries in it react violently, which is equivalent to an unorthodox SPA in the cerebral cortex. Some girls have more sensitive earlobes, while others are behind the ears and can explore on their own.


In a foreign survey, it was found that in addition to the sexual organs, the most sensitive part of most people is the lips. Because the lips are covered with dense and sensitive nerve endings, a light touch can cause a series of chain reactions in the body. As the so-called “Ecstasy with a kiss”, everyone who has kissed understands~


The skin on the neck is also thin, and a gentle stroking or kissing, or even a gentle blow of hot air, can make the body soft and supple.

However, there is a “dead point” on both sides of the neck – the carotid sinus. Excessive kissing or excessive pressure can lead to fainting, loss of consciousness, and even death. “Growing strawberries” is risky, so be careful!

(PS: The carotid sinus is located in the middle of the lateral side of the neck, where the carotid artery pulse is most obvious, the size of a soybean.)


Regardless of men and women, the nerve fibers in the chest are widely distributed, so it is also known as the “second sex organ”, which can trigger a series of pleasure responses by touching and provoking.

Human Sensitivity Map: Lower Body

inner thigh

Girls’ legs have their own natural killing value. Speaking of it, I am afraid that male peach fans will not be able to talk about it for three days and three nights. Especially in hot summer, the beautiful legs can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys, forming a unique and beautiful landscape, which is beautiful when you think about it~

And the legs are very sensitive! The inner thigh is the only way to enter the sensitive area, and also belongs to the sexual response area. There are many nerve endings under the skin, and the stimulation is immediate.


Massaging the soles of the feet can make people relax, and it also has a sufficient provocative effect, just like the ancient boudoir’s pleasure to tease the feet. Of course, there are still some people who tease their feet. The sensitive point is not the sense of touch, but a unique existence containing a secret atmosphere.


Because it is close to the “sensitive zone”, whether it is kissing or stroking the buttocks, it can arouse the desire of girls. Coupled with the elastic and thick feel of the buttocks, who wouldn’t be tempted?

sex organs

Sexual organs are the top sexually sensitive area. I believe everyone knows how to explore, so there is no need for Ben Tao to talk too much~

Final words:

Everyone’s sensitivities are different and change over time. In addition to the parts mentioned above, like the collarbone, belly button, fingers, knees, etc., may be sensitive points.

A perfect sex does not depend on how violent it is, as long as you take care of each other’s sensitive areas properly, you can easily reach orgasm

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