When you truly love someone

When you truly love a person, in addition to his lofty talents, he also has some lovely weaknesses, which is also an important key to your love for him. ——(France) Morova

Loving someone turns out to be keeping an apple in the fridge for her and waiting for her to come back.

When you love someone, you suddenly don’t know what to say when you dial the phone, only to realize that you just want to hear her familiar voice, and what you really want to dial is just a string in your heart.

To love someone is to think of a thousand bad possibilities when she returns late, to experience all kinds of disasters in her imagination, and to swear to punish her well when she comes back, but once they meet, they forget everything.

To love someone is to put a beautiful love in the most hidden and safest tree hole like a squirrel in winter hides nuts for a quarter of an hour. The next quarter of an hour, I want to tell the world this proud and proud person. information.

Loving someone is like having the present with her, but recalling the past with her, telling her how I secretly liked her that year, and staring at her from a distance

What does it mean to love someone? It means being happy for his happiness, doing whatever needs to be done to make him happier, and being happy from it. – Chernyshevsky

Love is a religion. ——Roland

For a moment of true love, it cannot be said that it is false. Love is eternal, and it cannot be said that it is only for that moment. ——Sanmao

Mature love, respect, loyalty is not easy to show, its voice is low, it is humble, resigned, latent, waiting and waiting. ——(British) Dickens

The feelings that really move people are always unpretentious. They are silent, unassuming, and buried deep. – Zhou Guoping

The principle of childish love is: “Because I love, I love.” The principle of mature love is: “Because I love, I am loved.” – (US) Flo

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