When love walks past love

When love goes through the mystery of love, when love enters the palace of wedding, when love is no longer vigorous, when angels fall into the world, what love leaves us may only be plain, just a long-lasting family affection and a real in life.

When Love Walks Through Love Since life is real, it will inevitably have many trifles entangled in us, and all kinds of troubles will attack us. The plain life makes the beautiful myth of love before marriage vulnerable, making sweet love like a cup of honey that is constantly added with water, slowly becoming bland and tasteless! At this time of marriage, this kind of life, if you don’t feel and take care of your heart, what will love be like?

Love is crystal clear glass and delicate and beautiful ceramics

She is so beautiful, yet so fragile! She needs us to take good care of her, manage it carefully, and work hard to keep her intact! Because ceramics or glass, once a crack occurs, even if it is repaired, it will still leave a faint imprint! If there is a gap in love, then she will leave forever scars in our hearts!

Love is a kind of sacrifice, it is for the happiness of the one you love

To love someone is to give all your sincerity and love; to love someone is to give him (her) gentle support; to love someone is to make him (her) happy because of you, and to love someone is to give him (her) (Her) Your warm and sincere heartbeat! If you love someone, you won’t care about how much benefits he (she) can bring you. Loving someone will give him (her) your warmest hug when he (she) needs comfort the most! When your love brings troubles to your lover, when your lover’s love for you makes you oppressed, when love becomes a bargaining chip for both parties, when love is selfish enough to only ask for, when love becomes the perfection that two people deliberately pursue, Love is no longer a kind of beauty, but has become a painful burden, a troublesome burden!

Love is the assimilation between lovers, and the consideration and care between lovers

In the dull days when we were in love with each other, we were infected with each other’s breath and gradually assimilated. Day after day, the years have carved a mark on our faces, when the annual rings pass by our feet, when two people inadvertently care for each other and care for each other, a look, a sigh, a Smile, will bring the resonance of each other’s heart, will make love sublime!

Love is searching, waiting for the encounter you were destined to meet in your previous life

That is fate; the world is long, and it is true love to be able to grow old together. On the long road of life, people who love each other walk all the way, let the time flow by, and tell each other: “I only care about you!” There will always be blue seas and sunny days and beautiful flowers on the road ahead!

Love is forever, and love is the eternal immutability of the two stars in the sky

There are too many regrets in life, and too many sadness in the years. In our lifetime, to take good care of our own love, to love others well, and to treat the love of others well. Only in this way, when life ends, will you not let your lover take away regrets, will not leave yourself sad, and can draw a beautiful circle for your life

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