When love becomes a habit

Love is actually a habit. You are used to having him in life, and he is used to having you in life. When two people have been together for a long time, they will naturally rely on each other.

When love becomes a habit Some people often say that I really don’t like someone, but I’m used to him in my life, and it seems that I can’t live without him. As everyone knows, love itself is a habit.

The beginning of love is blind, and sometimes we don’t even know whether we love each other or not, and where the other party attracts us. But one thing is for sure, if you like to be with someone and want to see him every day, it feels like every three autumns when you don’t see him, at least you can prove that you like him. Of course, the first impression is very important. Generally speaking, most people like to judge people by their appearance. If the other party is more handsome, beautiful, and conforms to his own aesthetic point of view, he has a plan for the next step. If you hate each other the first time you meet, there is basically no drama. But there is one kind of person who needs to be excluded. For example, some people like to chase after each other and come up with various ways to please each other. But as long as it is sincere, I think some people will be moved by your sincerity sooner or later. Humans are emotional animals. You are so enthusiastic, and the warmth is passed on to other people’s hearts. Can others be unshakable? Many times, love is a persistence, as the saying goes, keep the clouds open and see the sunrise.

At the beginning, a pair of lovers did not fully understand each other’s preferences, nor did they know each other’s character. They were just happy to show their own strengths in front of each other. It is better to hide the shortcomings. On the one hand, in the dim consciousness of love, we cannot see the shortcomings of the other party. No matter what the other person does, we obey like a little sheep. Because each other is beautiful in each other’s eyes, this is the so-called perfect chapter of love. Over time, the two have a preliminary understanding of each other. The feeling to the other party is somewhat different from the original one. At this time, some people begin to accuse the other party of being wrong. For example: Why are you so stupid? Why are you so hot-tempered? How can you speak so rudely? There are so many words like that. In fact, these bad habits are not formed in a day or two. It’s just that we lacked observation and understanding at first, and no one is perfect, but at this stage we began to have a sense of resistance. I am somewhat dissatisfied, but I am not willing to give up. So I thought in my heart, let’s walk and see, and give each other another chance.

Gradually, they got to know each other thoroughly. Some small frictions and contradictions in life are slowly resolved. As soon as the break-in period passed, each other slowly accepted the truth. At this time, you will definitely think “he is that kind of person, I don’t need to care about him”. This way, you will definitely feel a lot more peaceful in your heart. Later, we began to pay attention to each other and try to help each other correct their shortcomings. At this time, the other party does not accept your proposal a little bit, and is a bit stubborn. Maybe I had a quarrel with you, and the cold war lasted for ten days and a half. I always wondered why this person wanted me to change for him, but after a long time, I figured it out again. Know that the other party is doing it for your own good, and try to accept the other party’s proposal. Let’s imagine if a person doesn’t love you, will he care about you? Our energy is limited, and we don’t have to spend it on someone who has nothing to do with us. In fact, the person we care about is the person we love, because only when we love someone will we be thinking about him everywhere. We can’t blindly blame each other. At any time, we have to act according to the situation, so-called specific analysis of specific problems.

Love is actually a very wonderful thing. A person you didn’t love at first often changes over time to the person you love the most. You don’t know what changed your opinion of him during this period, but he must have contributed. A person who is willing to pay for love must be blessed by God, because there will be something in return for paying. So, you gradually find that the people around you are also very nice and treat you well. Although they are not the Prince Charming in your mind, at least they are treating you sincerely. You have to know that what looks good is often useless, people can only take one end, and it is impossible for you to possess everything. It would be too unfair to do so. Love can be witnessed through time. It is not good for a person to treat you for a while, but it is good for a person to treat you forever.

There are many kinds of love in life, some love is superficial, some love is inner; some people like handsome guys, some people like ugly girls, some people like talented people, some people like beautiful women, and some people like rich men. No wonder! But there is one thing to pay attention to, choose what you love and love what you choose. Only in this way, we will not be tired in the journey of love, and if we want to love, we must have no complaints and no regrets.

Love is closely related to life. We are not playing games when we fall in love. The real love is finding someone to live with. There is an essential difference between living a life and falling in love. If you just fall in love without getting married, then such love will be fruitless, and we don’t have to take it too seriously. Because in the end, it is often the one who loves the most who gets hurt, because he loves too much, so it will hurt. If you love someone for a long time, you will naturally get used to everything about him. His appearance, his smile, his beauty, his goodness, his badness… If one day the other party proposes to break up with you, you will definitely feel an unbearable pain. You feel that you can’t live without him, and you do everything possible to keep him, but others have given up, and no matter how hot your fire is, you can’t ignite his heart. No matter if you love a little more or a little less, at least you are used to each other, but the degree is different. If he doesn’t love you anymore, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get used to you, but that habit has slowly faded when love leaves.

Once some habits in life are formed, it is really difficult for us to change them. Just like you like a job, if one day you have to change jobs for some reason, you must be very aggrieved at this time, or even unacceptable. I still remember that a few years ago, on impulse, I switched to a job that didn’t work the night shift. At first, I thought that I had earned it myself, and that working day shifts is better than night shifts, at least not staying up late. But in the new position, I can’t keep up my spirits, my heart is empty, and I feel that something is missing. It turned out that he was already accustomed to his previous work, and it was like separated mountains! Doing things that you are not familiar with is somewhat unfamiliar, and everything has to start from scratch. I didn’t stick with it for long, I quit my job after a month, and then returned to my profession. Love is like that. When you love someone, it means you are used to someone; if you change someone else, it will be difficult for you to accept it. Not only is it difficult to accept, but you also have to compare. A bit sad.

Love itself is a habit, we are used to a person, but don’t change your lover easily. Because love is not a job, if a job is lost, it can be found again. But love is lost and can never be found again. Even if you find it back, it is not the original love, and the person who loves you is not the original person. By contrast, losing a person is more important than losing a job, everyone knows.

If one day you get used to a person, and he gets used to you, please don’t lose this habit, because love is a habit in the first place!

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