When life betrays love, when distance cannot produce beauty-Part2

Few people care about the spiritual love of their lovers and others. If his (her) heart has been taken away by others, then what’s the point of keeping this body as pure as you are? Therefore, I absolutely do not want and cannot accept this so-called spiritual love that is not deviant.

Choice, between loyalty and betrayal. Loyalty may not be right, it may bring you more pain, and betrayal may not be wrong, but it puts shackles on your soul, those who are on the fringes of society, as long as you fall into this trap, It’s like being under the spell of Satan.

Artists like this kind of contradiction, like this kind of torment and wandering between wrong and right, morality and passion, loyalty and betrayal, and appreciate the distorted faces and more wounded souls of people after betrayal.

So the woman who believes in love and has always put love in the first place (although she has never admitted it), not because the object must be someone, as long as the other person is someone she thinks she loves with her heart, loves very much, and doesn’t want to leave , that person is her whole world. Eat, sleep, go shopping, go out with friends, no matter what you do, the first thing that comes to your mind is him, and it is also him who has been thinking about all the time. This “he” doesn’t refer to anyone, just the person she loves.

Sometimes, I can’t tell whether she loves “him” or “love” very much.

I have always said that a woman’s love is still in the style of a prince and a princess in fairy tales. I think that two people should be happy together. If she loves him so much, he should respond. If his response is only 50%, she will think why it can’t be more, as long as there is more; but if the response is 80%, she will still not be satisfied… Unless, he loves her more than she loves him , a lot more.

We all like to ask why, why did he do this to me, and I didn’t do anything wrong. I often ask this question too. There is no way, we want to be noticed and pampered too much. However, I also know that in the emotional world, there is no reason, and there is no right or wrong. He doesn’t love you, or doesn’t love you enough, it’s not his fault, not anyone’s fault. It’s not his fault that he doesn’t care enough about you, he’s not careful enough, even betrayal is nothing more than that. The world of feelings is like this, he hurts you, you hurt others.

I’m not a great person, I cry, I feel sad, and I feel sad for people who don’t deserve it. But I knew I had to understand these things. I remember watching “Sweet Girl” before, the marriage madman became a celebrity in the TV show, and the workaholic said to the heartthrob, don’t look at her current scene, she is different from you, she took out her wounds again Show it to others again and again, and use this painful experience to comfort others, enlighten others, and encourage others.

Woman, what makes you struggle is nothing but the “love” you believe in.

I’m not against women choosing to forgive. I just want to say that if a woman keeps holding such a mentality, there is no way she can be with him. By the time you forget about it, he is tired, tired, and wants to run away. If you still want to protect your “love”, then live it well, don’t force a smile, don’t speak against your heart, don’t pretend to be generous, don’t deal with it hypocritically, don’t force yourself to be considerate and gentle, just live well.

I just want to live a good life by myself in the future, I will live a good life by myself in the future, and smile well.

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