When life betrays love, when distance cannot produce beauty-Part1

Human beings are born with a blank slate, and so is the human emotional world.

It is said that the most beautiful emotion of a person is first love. indeed. Although the first love people are ignorant, dazed and ignorant, after all, we are pure. We have no worldly constraints, we do not have worldly dogmas, all we have is loyalty and unreserved dedication to the emotions that are surging inside of us. Impulsive, but direct, yet emotional. Original, but true.
We mature between loving and being loved, between losing and having.

I finally found that love is only a matter of time and is not the end of life after all. It is only a part of life, a small part, even if it runs through every corner of our life and dominates the spiritual world on which we live.

Love is love, not everything.

Life should be full of love, but love will fall to the ground in front of life.

I once thought that as long as you are persistent and persistent, all good love can last forever and flow in the torrent of life. However, life betrays love.
Distance does not produce beauty.

When we face contradictions, we may choose to escape and prevaricate ourselves with “distance produces beauty”. However, distance can only create contradictions. Just as we stand on a higher ground, it is only possible to see our own shortcomings more clearly. And beauty, it’s just getting thinner and thinner as the distance widens, and finally cracks.

Betrayal is not the only one, and distance is not justified.

The one who betrayed was his own heart, and the distance brought only pain, thought after the pain, and disheartenedness after the thought.

When life betrays love, when distance cannot produce beauty.

We will have nothing.

Yes, just the shell.

The most terrifying part of love is that he loves you, doesn’t mean he doesn’t betray you, he betrays you, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Sometimes, we are willing to forgive a person, not because we really want to forgive him, but because we don’t want to lose him, we don’t want to lose him, we can only pretend to forgive him.
Emotional matters are very strange. When you are very involved, the other party is very withdrawn, and when you are very withdrawn, the other party is very involved.
Disappointment is sometimes a kind of happiness, because there is something to look forward to, so there is disappointment, because there is love, there is something to look forward to, so even if disappointed, it is also a kind of happiness, although this kind of happiness is a bit painful!

The cruel truth and the sweet lie, which one do you want to hear? Once, I said ninety-nine truths that no one would believe. The only lie, everyone took it seriously.
Since then, I have found that all people would rather live in a lie. Because panic is not to deceive others, but to deceive yourself

Marriage is just a process for men, but a lifetime for women
For those who do not love us, we cannot give. Once paid, it is sinful.

Even if a woman is divorced, don’t despair. What you deny is just a man, not all the beauty of love and life.
Even if a woman remarrys, don’t be afraid. What he accepts is not only a woman, but all the joys and sorrows associated with you.

Some mistakes can be forgiven if they are made a hundred times, but some mistakes are unforgivable even if they are made once. Adults are responsible for doing things. Whether men or women do things, they should respect themselves and love themselves. The word forgiveness is easier said than done, and it is difficult to restore trust that has been blasphemed!

One cannot live without principles and without moral constraints. If others give you the opportunity and time to correct your mistakes, but you think that you are not wrong at all, and you will not repent, don’t say that women are cruel at a certain time. If the husband and wife cannot treat each other frankly, is it necessary to maintain the relationship? Who can look up to a man without conscience and morality?

Spiritual love outside of marriage is essentially a betrayal of a spouse’s feelings. This is another form of extramarital affairs. The so-called spiritual love is just deceiving oneself and others. Therefore, extramarital lovers who wear spiritual love as a coat often yearn for the spiritual comfort of the opposite sex, but resist social public opinion with the so-called “spiritual love”. In fact, spiritual love is just a process, not inevitable.

The reason why the first love is unforgettable is that the unforgettable feeling is not only from the contact of the body, but the strong spiritual shock to the heart of a new love.

Love is exclusive, and spiritual love outside of marriage is a major blow to marriage. Your partner’s heart should be the one you have to hold firmly if you want lasting love in your marriage.

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