When do men start having low sexual desire

Entering the 40-year-old age group, many men have been knocked down by the unexpected lack of physical strength and loss of libido, so they constantly resort to various remedies, and only consult a doctor as a last resort. After entering the hospital, they realized that it was the menopause that was “playing a trick”.

What exactly is menopause? Sexuality is the first crisis.

The first thing menopause brings to men is the sexual decline they fear.

According to a survey, only 13% dare to admit that they have ED, but the “International Erectile Function Index Scale” confirms that among men over 40 years old, the proportion of confirmed ED should be 100%. 26/26. That is, 1 in 4 men have erectile dysfunction problems.

Not to mention the problem, of course men suffer from it. So some people turn to home remedies, waste time and don’t talk about it, and can’t solve the problem accurately.

These informal methods often treat the symptoms rather than the root causes. Richard Spark, a urologist at Harvard Medical School in the United States, believes: “Sexual dysfunction and loss of self-worth are both inside and outside.” Only by facing up to your own problems can you give yourself a chance to improve.

In addition to the decline of sexual ability, middle-aged men will also encounter “mental turbulence”, often have a sense of crisis, and need the affirmation of others. Some middle-aged men who are flustered that they are “no longer majestic” sometimes prove that they are “not old” through the peach blossom incident outside.

In addition, male menopause will also bring other external manifestations, such as irritability, lack of interest in doing anything, a little moody and so on. Physiologically, they lose less muscle and thicker fat. Changes in testosterone may also lead to poor sleep, poor concentration, and memory loss.

Welcome the "second spring" of life

Since many problems over the age of 40 are caused by the decline of androgen levels in the body, can supplementing these hormones in a timely manner help men smoothly enter the next stage of life?

Before using male hormones, there are still many things that should be done. First, you should make changes in your life. When a person is forty or fifty years old, it is no longer possible to work hard all day, day and night, like in his twenties or thirties. As physical strength declines, work content or life goals should be adjusted. Also, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Studies have shown that exercise can increase testosterone levels.

In life, maintain good communication with your wife and maintain an intimate relationship. Facing the empty nest period, the couple should re-plan their world. If you have a good relationship and live a good life, your inner male hormone will naturally increase, and you don’t need to resort to external supplies.

Secondly, for different symptoms, such as exercising if you gain weight, taking calcium tablets for back pain, etc., some of them can be improved through practice. If there is no improvement in 3 months, hormone therapy can be considered under the guidance of a doctor.

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