When can you have sex while in a relationship?

Is it okay to see each other for the first time?

The answer is yes, not necessarily the best, nor the worst. Because you don’t know what mentality this person uses to play this game, and you don’t know how long he wants to play and how long he will play. After experiencing this tension, some people want to escape, some people stop playing, and some people admit defeat. To be specific, this isn’t the worst either. The core of it is how to deal with it after getting close this time, how to make each other have the desire and idea to continue playing. Like this tug-of-war game, you are already entangled, so how to keep everyone in a comfortable position and let the game continue is the most important thing.

What about three days? Three months or six months?

In my opinion, it is better to measure by quality than to measure by time. Going back to this tug-of-war game, many people are wearing masks, and there are layers of fog in the game, you can’t see each other’s faces at all. Perhaps, it will be able to see people’s hearts over time, but there are also some brave people who play with a pure heart every time, and there are also some cowards who participate with thick shells and layers of masks.

And high-quality spiritual communication and communication, listening, seeing, and understanding each other, will allow us to see our true self. Having a relationship at this time will allow two people to thoroughly experience the beauty of life integration. This kind of beautiful experience will make two people In the days to come, it will be unforgettable and even become a kind of spiritual motivation when you are tired. It can be said that sex is the best time to have sex.

Some people may ask, can you be more down-to-earth?

I think you can ask yourself three questions before you go to bed, and if the answer to all three is yes, then this is the best time.

1. Female relationship subject thinking: do you want it? Do you have a desire for him? Do you want to possess his body? If the answer is yes, then your body is telling you that this is the right time.

2. Intimacy-oriented thinking: Have you discussed sex ? What does sex mean to you? What kind of contraception do you use? When does it happen and what are the preferences? If you have all communicated and communicated on the above questions, it proves that your sexuality has been prepared, and that your thinking has been able to integrate with each other. This is the right time.

3. Action-oriented thinking: Are you ready? In fact, this problem is the three days I mentioned before – a yesterday that does not mind the past, a today that cherishes each other, and a tomorrow that does not regret. If you’re ready, now is the time.

So, we came to the conclusion that when women themselves want and are ready, and have communicated and communicated with each other about sex, then having sex at this time is conducive to mutual intimacy. I think you can experience the beauty of that fusion, and have a deeper understanding of the game, and it can promote a virtuous circle in your relationship.

Finally, I need to make a special note: a full moon means a lack. The flowers are blooming, which means thanks. When a relationship experiences its best moments, it may begin to go downhill, so it also requires careful management and communication to continue to maintain our intimacy. In my opinion, there is a more radical point of view, then maybe there is no so-called most suitable time, it is reasonable to exist, it is the best to happen, to accept the occurrence of sexual behavior, to deal with and deal with it, when to have sex are the best times.

I love you, you are free, may you be free and not hesitant in the choice of sex and love.

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  1. Stephanie Catrone Tucker

    I’m sorry but your writing style is confusing and sometimes doesn’t have anything to do with the opening statement or question. I felt like I had started reading in the middle of a story instead of at the beginning.

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