When can first sex occurs?

There are only two points to be clear here: the best age is after the age of 18. In medicine, to determine whether sexual life can occurs, it mainly depends on whether the sexual organs are mature.

Many people think that the development of secondary sexual characteristics (girls menstruation) means that they can have sex. This is a wrong idea, because it will take some time from the development of secondary sexual characteristics to maturity.

As far as the female ovary is concerned, when the menstruation comes, the weight is only 30% of the mature ovary, and it has just reached maturity around the age of 17.

Therefore, it is medically believed that the age of maturity of all sexual organs is about 18 years old.

If you have sex before your sexual organs mature, that is, premature sex, you may face the following risks:

● Prone to cervical cancer

A study found that women who had sex before the age of 18 had about four times the incidence of cervical cancer than women who had sex after the age of 18.

● Causes genital duct damage and infection

Immature, female genital ducts are delicate and weak, and their defenses are relatively low, so they are prone to injury and infection.

● Premature pregnancy is not good for the fetus and mother

Before the age of 18, women themselves are in the stage of needing a high nutritional intake for development.

Once pregnant, it is necessary to provide a large amount of nutrients to the fetus. If the nutritional intake is insufficient, it will affect the development of the mother and the fetus.

If you choose to have an abortion, it will cause physical and mental harm to women, and may also cause a series of complications. So, in any case, just wait until your body matures.

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