When are girls the most tempted?

How can you make the girl you like fall in love with you? Before that, you should first understand the situations in which girls are most easily impressed by you, and find the right time to “attack” with your sincerity, and you will be more successful!

1.Girls are most easily tempted when they are alone with boys.

Boys should seize this moment to be proactive; if a third party is present, they will usually flatly reject boys to hide their true feelings.

2.Boys are more sensitive to visual stimuli, while girls are more sensitive to auditory stimuli.

On the phone, boys are kind and gentle, and the words full of music can impress girls more quickly. Boys should fully mobilize the charm of their language.

3. A girl who has just finished dating a boy is extremely unstable in body and mind, and will remain intoxicated and looking forward to the dating sentiment for a long time.

Boys can use this time more at the end of the date to impress each other further.

4.When a girl is in a clean and comfortable environment, she is easily emotional.

This environment does not disturb her with disgust and anxiety, and it is easy for her to relax and become emotionally active.

5.Girls are easily tempted when they hear continuous compliments.

 Even if she knew that the boy was deliberately flattering and flattering her, she would be confused over time. They are emotionally more receptive to compliments, flattery, flattery and other ancient and clumsy “courtship signals”, perhaps this is an instinctive response of animals.

6.Girls can easily lose control of their emotions in unfamiliar and unfamiliar environments.

 Boys often change the time, place, and way of dating, so that she constantly has a sense of novelty and new pleasures.

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