When a person reaches middle age, how to deal with sexual life correctly and how to get rid of sexual fear?

When people reach middle age, many people enter menopause, and their sexual life changes quietly. Because of the occasional unsuccessful sex life once or twice, you may think that you are old and dead, and then you may have a fear of sex. Or because the wife’s lack of secretion makes sex uncomfortable, so she wants to give up.

When a person reaches middle age, how to correctly view sex life?

1. Do you need sex when you are old?

After giving birth, many people ignore sex due to childcare and other reasons, but female sex expert Carmela Sebastian said that sex stimulates blood circulation, promotes metabolism, brings satisfaction and joy, and is also important for health. components, indispensable.

2. A woman who becomes fat will not arouse male desire?

When men see a woman’s body, the usual reaction is not “tummy fat” or “cellulite”, but “naked”. Therefore, women do not have to be too inferior, because your sense of humor, rich sexual experience will make up for the shortcomings of the body.

3. Once you enter perimenopause, your body loses sexual function?

Premenopausal changes such as irregular periods, mood swings, and lack of vaginal lubrication do affect sex, but Sebastian believes that avoiding sex will only make it worse. Experimenting with lube, vibrators, new sex positions, or masturbation can help you get through this period.

4. Too tired to have sex?

Chronic exhaustion does reduce libido, but sex education expert Maureen McGrath says that to find the cause of exhaustion, get your thyroid checked or get tested for anemia. In addition, you don’t have to think about sex after a hard day, you can adjust the time to the morning when you are full of energy.

5. Do you need contraception?

Sebastian said that it is difficult to determine when a woman stops ovulating. Although the level of follicle-stimulating hormone in the blood can be used as a basis for determination, because the hormone fluctuates frequently, one or two tests cannot explain the problem at all. If you’re starting a new relationship, use condoms even more. After all, you don’t know your partner’s past sexual experiences.

6. Does libido decrease with age?

Perhaps the opposite is true. Younger women are more likely to lose their libido due to changes in hormone levels during pregnancy and the need to breastfeed, McGrath said. If you completely lose interest in sex after the age of 40, it is necessary to check whether there is a problem with your body. In addition, sexual desire was related to the ability of couples to communicate and the frequency of previous sex. First determine whether the current sex life meets the needs, and then determine whether it is a lack of libido.

7. As you get older, some sexual stimulation no longer works?

It’s not so much because of age, it’s because you got used to these old-fashioned tricks and lost interest. Might as well find some erotic videos, buy this guide book and try new ideas. Different stimuli will give you different feelings on different days and at different stages.

8. There was no orgasm before, is it too late now?

Sebastian said she didn’t experience orgasm until after her second child was born. She believes that pressure and physical condition can affect orgasm, and she should actively mobilize her own factors. “Sex isn’t something people are born with, it needs to be learned over and over again,” McGrath said.

So don’t be afraid, go with the flow and always believe that sex is good.

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