“When a man is coquettish, there is nothing to do with a woman”

I’m not in the art circle, but some of the friends who write letters I usually come into contact with are gay. Comrades are sensitive to design, differences, and words, almost an indisputable fact.

Rimbaud, Joyce, Mallarmé, Eliot, these four characters who have almost laid the foundation for modern Western literature are all gay. No kidding, the history of modern Western literature is almost half the history of homosexuality.

Art is understanding, and everyone has their own understanding. In art appreciation, the use of sexual orientation to explain art is also one of the ways.

Whether it is a written work or a visual art work, if the author is gay, it is likely to be led to another level of feeling if it is explained from the perspective of sexual orientation.

Recently in Calgary, I met two young friends who have known each other since studying abroad and have been together for more than 6 years.

Although they are not art majors, they all play the piano, sing, like green plants and gardening, and also like some extreme sports. One of them also injured the meniscus in his knee from rock climbing and took a half-year rest after the operation.

I think half of the LGBT community’s sensitivity to art comes from nature, and the other half comes from the beating of life and reality.

Because of his comradeship, he is constantly frustrated and inhibited in reality, and he can only rely on his own ingenuity and detour. The best outlet for repressed emotions may be art. You can hand over your body and mind to it, because art will not betray you.

I think that the spiritual process of heterosexual groups can often be experienced by gay groups. The inner process experienced by the gay community may not be experienced by the heterosexual community. This may explain why the general population does not have this kind of sensibility of comrades.

Most of the LGBT people feel that they are well-educated, have a lot of courtesy, and have a lot of heart. This is often related to their own situation in reality. Don’t be rash because you care about other people’s feelings. This is the so-called “do not do to others what you do not want to do to yourself”.

For gays, the most complex and sensitive issue in life may be the issue of sex. This is something that the heterosexual community cannot understand.

Although, in Canada, homosexuality is no longer a problem, but it also comes from a grieving experience. In the 1960s, about the time of the “Brokeback Mountain” movie, the “Stonewall Incident” in Greenwich, USA, when there was a conflict in the bar, homosexuals were beaten to death in front of the stone wall by the discriminated people.

The protests triggered in the United States later spread to Europe, and from then on began the comrades’ journey of turning over and seeking liberation. Now, Europe and the United States have been desensitized to gay issues, and comrades have an annual grand ceremony to publicly express themselves.

Home of the “Stonewall Riots,” New York City has the world’s largest Pride parade
Canada’s gay pride parade has been offline for three years because of the pandemic. This year, Vancouver Pride Parade Week will take place at the end of July. The Toronto Pride Parade will also begin on June 24. Mr. A and I are also planning to go to Vancouver to see the Pride Parade.

In the city center, the procession of the floats was also mighty, like a riot. The police also drove motorcycles to clear the way for the team. The handsome man disguised as a woman, wearing transparent stockings with suspenders, is so coquettish and charming that it eclipses the beauty.

It really fits the famous saying, “When a man is angry, there is nothing to do with a woman.” Although it is a joke, there is some truth. In nature, all good-looking animals are males, and females are somewhat overshadowed.

But the purpose of this seemingly joyous celebration is to commemorate the innocent victims of the “Stonewall Atrocity”, and it is the “blood and tears reward” that the comrades earned after turning over for liberation.

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