When a man behaves like this, he is jealous!

In the eyes of many people, women are more likely to be jealous, but men are also jealous sometimes. But when men are jealous, it is usually not obvious, so girls should observe carefully!

1. Demonstrate a strong desire to possess

If you talk to your boyfriend about another man who is better than him, usually the performance of the man will vary from person to person. Most men will warn their girlfriends: “Don’t pay attention to him”. And it will interfere more and more strongly with your occasional contact with a certain man whether it is work or daily. If you say that he is jealous, he will immediately sink a stinky face and ignore you.

2. Often pretends to be nothing to do

Sometimes, girls will try their best to test whether boys like them or not, so they deliberately praise other boys in front of boys. Usually boys will warn you with a bystander attitude: “He has bad intentions and plans”, in a casual manner. The demeanor tells of his shortcomings in privacy. Perhaps, you can’t see any jealousy at all from his facial expressions, or even a look of indifference.

3. Behaving suddenly and talking very well

Usually, your boyfriend’s attitude towards you is not very positive, but when you exaggerate a certain boy’s advantages in front of a boy, he may still be calm on the surface, or even show disdain, and sometimes Will say: “Since he is better than me, why don’t you go to him?” But you can gradually feel that he is trying to change himself, especially when you praise other boys for their good qualities that can be found in him inadvertently .

4. Speak harshly and without mercy

Some men usually feel very uncomfortable when they see the girls they like and like or their lovers are very close to other men, and they will subconsciously produce strong feelings of exclusivity and a strong desire for possession. Most of them will exude a burst of jealousy through different language expressions than usual, and it is common to speak particularly vitriolic and sarcastic, showing the richness of their words and language.

5. Consciously avoid meeting you

The deeper the love, the stronger the jealousy, the less self-confidence, the more a man has a strong desire to control his girlfriend. However, once he feels that his girlfriend is no longer under his control, he will talk to his girlfriend. Play hide-and-seek, don’t want to meet you, try to avoid situations where you are alone, in the words of jealous men, it can avoid embarrassment, and even change jobs.

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