What women lack is not sexual desire, but expression

01 Women's libido needs are great

The Ohio State University sexology researchers asked 293 college students to answer how many times they had dated and had sex, while using a polygraph and other life questions as a control group. The results found that when answering questions about sexual relationships, boys would add fuel to the number of sexual partners, while girls chose to underreport the number of sexes they had.

The researcher concluded that sex itself seems to be a curse for both men and women, because when answering questions other than sex, everyone answers indifferently. the expected direction to answer.

Men are not born, and women are not born. Everyone experiences the shaping of social life every day. Women are not naturally devoid of sexual desire, but society expects women to be devoid of sexual desire.

If the essence of PUA is to deny-suppress-system, women’s sexual desire has been puaed by this society for at least five thousand years, starting from the patriarchal society, and it is still continuing to this day, denying women’s sexual desire, humiliating women’s sexual desire, and thus controlling women sexuality, allowing female sexuality to serve male pleasure and reproductive needs.

There is no forced party in the PUA. Women are not necessarily forced to please men and suppress themselves. To this day, many women still need to rely on men to survive, look at the man’s face, and live as “pure” and “chaste” as men expect to gain support from men.

Although from the overall point of view, it is a vulgar trick to please men to solidify gender inequality, but when it is implemented in each individual, the performance is in line with the expectations of men, and it is more suitable for them to obtain resources, survival and development from men. So it’s not that women don’t have sex, they’re just afraid of showing sex in front of men.

After all, the rights to vote, education, and work have advanced over the past century, even though women have indeed been more secure in their political, economic and social rights. The number of girls enrolled in school has increased and the number of maternal deaths has also continued to decline. But deep-rooted prejudice and discrimination persist and are even reinforced in many countries.

Therefore, women have never lacked sexual desire, what is lacking is the opportunity and ability to enjoy sexual pleasure, but what is lacking is self-acceptance and social tolerance of sexual desire.


02 It's not that women don't have sex, they just don't tell men

On March 5, 2020, the United Nations Development Programme released a human development report covering 75 countries and 4 billion people around the world. It was found that almost everyone was prejudiced against women. Thirty percent thought it was justifiable for men to beat their female partners, 40 percent thought men would make better business executives, and 50 percent thought men would make better political leaders.

Most people agree that a college education is more important to men. If there is a shortage of jobs, men should get jobs first. Even in countries where women are more educated than men, women are paid, on average, 39% less than men, even when they spend more time at work.

Despite similar turnout for men and women, only 24 percent of seats in parliaments worldwide are held by women. Out of 193 governments around the world, only 10 women heads of government. Fewer than 6 percent of CEOs at S&P 500 companies are women.


When these inequality figures disappear, so will women’s shyness to talk about sex.

When will women become truly independent and self-reliant, and they no longer need to obtain financial, physical, and social support from men at the level of survival, and those men who use them as reproductive machines, tools to vent their desires, and stingy jobs will have to be kicked out of bed and go to the hospital. Take a good look at yourself.

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